Tuesday, June 13, 2023

'Pockets of Pleasure'

At rest at last from the day that is.  My Father knew that I would need this time and place, so He strategically places them when and where they are needed!

The sunlight sets the trees aglow

with afternoon to fade.
The animals are savoring
abundance of the shade!
The multitude upon the wing
have found the seed I've got.
I listen to them as they sing-
what melody they've got!

In spite of stressors in this life,
such pleasures God provides.
Though there be so much going on
that angers and divides!
There's so much more to be enjoyed,
so simple and so free;
and God, Himself, dispenses such
unto such as we!

So, look for His simplicity,
it's right before your eyes!
It's a wondrous glory He would have us
freely recognize!
And take it not for granted!
It is necessary so,
for a decrease in all stress
but all of us may know!

God's care and His concern-
oh let us come to learn!
His mercy and His love-
there is NOTHING above!

Yes, God fully knows the stresses and trials that come with daily living.  Thus, He provides these 'pockets of pleasure' for us to enjoy and revive with throughout each and every day!  DON'T IGNORE THEM!

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