Friday, June 16, 2023


Scanning the landscape this day as I fellowship with Jesus Christ.  I am minded yet again of the impending day ahead when He returns...

Adoring the sunlight of the morning
as it is illuminating trees.
Conversing with my Savior and Creator
in the refreshment of the early breeze.
So healing are these moments with my Father
out in the creation He has made.
His handiwork reflects His mighty power-
everywhere we look to be displayed!

Wherever we could be will be His Presence,
as all about be something He has made.
As the moments pass, though, so does sunlight;
so, presently, we view it in the shade!
I haven't checked the forecast.  Yet, this morning,
so 'salt-and-pepper' may become the day.
All things to be done outside are taken care of,
so, this man is prepared, come what may.

Resting and relaxing sounds inviting
after the events that are of late.
God knew that I would need this very moment
to heal this man and to rejuvenate!
So many things that only He expected
have risen and have happened to this man.
And so, have come that hope and restoration
given as only God the Father can!
He is willing, and He is more than able,
and does so, even as I watch the land.
And He tends to everything that life requires
with His Word and with His mighty hand!

Regardless of events that 'seem' to happen,
I am assured that He is in control!
And His protection will never be rescinded,
because He is the Bishop of my soul!
And WILL BE when THIS life, it is no longer,
as He escorts us through eternity!
Yes, listen for that Trumpet Blast that's coming-
for God says, at ANY moment, it could be!!

Yes, my friend, The Trumpet will sound and He will split the skies, returning to receive the faithful who know Jesus Christ as their Savior!  It could even be today!


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