Thursday, June 8, 2023

Never 'Yesterday!'

It rained quite a bit the past few days.  That means that the lake levels around us will be elevated.  That ALSO means that 'fishing' should be at its prime.  Let's go find out...

The launch we like is just a few miles out.
The boat is packed and ready.
Even with the winds, so gentle,
its surface remains steady.
Already are a dozen boats,
but hey, Norfork is massive!
(And I've learned that SOME fisherman,
they are more than 'passive!')
But this man and his wife come out here
to unwind and to enjoy.
And the few skills we possess for 'fishing,'
we will yet employ!
And God provides but every time
we set out on such trek.
We 'catch and release' anyway,
so 'stress' has no effect!
It is so beautiful out here
amongst the Ozark hills!
When God Most High designed this place
He filled it with such thrills!
Like the hawks and eagles that
come diving from above,
securing in their talons that meal
that they so dearly love!
It's more challenging for such as we-
seeing all we need
to catch what they swoop down and grab!
But it's ALWAYS a joy, indeed!
And the weather today is wonderful,
with chance of rain so slight.
Even if it does, we'll stretch
and savor the delight!

No work.  No chores.  Just quality time to spend with each other out on the lake!  WHAT A BLESSING!  God's creations are like not any other, and this part of the country is blessed with so many of them!


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