Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Necessary Rest

Yes, this life requires us to get proper rest each and every day.  It is a necessity!  However, if the world had its way, we would be rushing here and there, in a constant hurry!  Some already live that way.  They can have it!!

"You give me rest from this old life

like nowhere else availed...
Your rest, O Word, is healing so,
so much in it entailed!
None other to provide as much
as You, oh precious Lord.
So very fortunate be all
that have, with You, accord!

As Matthew said so very well
in those verses holy:
when I'm tired from heavy burdens,
You give rest, AND WHOLLY!
Rest that cannot be obtained
at any place at all
save when we trust in You alone,
Your Mighty Name, to call!

Yes, this old life would do its best
to keep us busy so.
But filling every moment is what
You meant us NOT to know!
For even You, Lord, set aside
those moments all alone,
so peace and restoration, they
would easily be known!"

So, tired, burdened, stressed at all?
Oh, give it to The Lord!
He will keep you in His care,
and see that you're restored!
He will give you rest like you
have never known before!
His love, it is so wonderful,
and you will get more and more!

Even from the very beginning, God saw how busy THIS day would be!  Thus, He provides Jesus, and a personal relationship with Him will not only guarantee salvation and a place in Heaven, it will ensure proper balance in this day and age!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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