Friday, June 30, 2023

Is SERVICE Obsolete?

It would certainly seem that 'SERVICE' is obsolete!  In businesses, in friendships, in just about anything involving 'people,' things have certainly changed.  Are we any better for those changes?  Hmm...

"To trust as would be trusted."
Is such now obsolete?
Even now in businesses
is not a thing discreet!
I used to bring in customers
with 'kindness' in my day.
These days, you are 'entitled' unto
taking cash their way!
'You're getting what you paid for!'
employees say with smirk!
'Customer, if I don't show up at this job,
you won't receive my work!'

When did 'entitlement' become
the TOP priority?
'O God, help us find our way back to
a sense of 'normalcy!'
Why can't we all just 'get along'
and treat each other fair?
Surely, we could get more done
for EVERYBODY'S fare!
And, of a truth, the Lord would smile
upon behavior such.
And, knowing God, He will insert
His blessings, oh so much!

So be ye kind to one another!
Let all 'attitude' go!
PURPOSE to be positive,
and blessings you will know!
And the world will be all the better
unto one another!
Everyone will be a friend,
all will be a brother!

Oh yea, see it with me, won't you?  It IS possible!  All we must do is PURPOSE to get along,  CHOOSE to NOT be offended, and APPRECIATE folks when they shop at your store!


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