Saturday, June 24, 2023

Imperfect Tongue!

With a pen in my hand, I do the best that I can to describe the incredible sights in front of me.  I certainly pray that they are conveyed properly!

Sunlight on the river-
the current never stops!
Stillness in the verdant foliage...
the temp, it slowly drops!
A perfect summer evening,
my Father God has made!
As the others cast their lines,
a verse would be relayed!
From a deck that would only
be described as 'bliss!'
I cannot fully capture all,
as details I would miss!
Like right now, as I raise my eyes,
an eagle is gliding by,
just two feet above the water,
effortlessly to fly!
So majestic in his flight-
defying gravity!
So excited are the grandkids-
a sight they rarely see!
Such blessed gifts from God, Himself,
the Giver of all good!
The only One Who exists to make,
all this glory...AND WOULD!
And He shares it oh so constantly
with them they pay attention!
Therefore, with every breath I take,
He receives great mention!
But verses, words and poetry
be insufficient so,
the Majesty of His greatness
and quality to know!

Words...verses...songs...poetry...they all pale in comparison when they are used to describe the awe, spectacle and power of God.  However, until I get there and receive that perfect language, I will us that which He has blessed me with!  I pray that YOU can hear and feel the sights before my eyes!


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