Saturday, June 24, 2023

Have we REALLY gotten far? we are in our 'advanced' and 'mature' world, living our lives without the 'things' that Jesus had to deal with when He walked the earth.  OR...have we REALLY changed that much?  Hmm...

'Why is it, Lord, that 'money' splits

the very best of friends?
One obtains 'success' of any kind,
and the relationship ends?
Could it be 'jealousy' takes hold?
Anger?  Fear?  Or lust?
I've seen success or money destroy
the deepest of all trust!
But why, oh God?  We should be happy
when our friends succeed!
Despite how long that friendship's been,
despite a 'want' or 'need!'

'Friendhsip should have no thing to do
with 'net worth' or 'income!'
If such is, there's something very wrong
with what we have become!
We tether our relationships
unto a certain 'mass?'
And, if they do not measure up,
they're not within our 'class?'

'Oh God, but what would Jesus say
about such 'attitude?'
The same He faced but every day--
are WE any less rude?
O singe our hearts!  Deliver us
and make us like You are,
that 'riches' 'money' and 'success'
would not be such a 'scar!'

Jesus dealt with it in His days.  Those before Him dealt with it as well.  Now, here we are, in our 'advanced and civil' world, dealing with the same issue?!  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!  Can we not grasp the fact that ALL are equal in the eyes of God?

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