Sunday, June 11, 2023


Yes, even His elect are subject to this world and its ways...for better or for worse.  However, when 'those ways' are for the worse, Jesus Christ's arms are NEVER too short to scoop down and shield us from those fiery darts!

When pain comes from places that you cannot know...
when it 'feels' like your stability's let go...
when 'emotion' seems to overtake-
I know the greatest step that I can take!
I cry out to God--His embrace to receive!
He's already here, but I must MAKE myself believe!
In those moments that I cannot understand,
He secures me inside His mighty hand!
Assuring me that what I cannot explain,
unto Him is clear and very plain!

From that position of security,
He begins to heal and settle me!
Guarding and protecting me from stress,
that I would, not again, become a mess!
He knows each cause of that afflicting me.
He recognizes 'triggers' that may be.
He guards and separates me from the same,
and frees this man to praise His holy Name!

Yes, even what I cannot comprehend,
He knows in full and puts me on the mend!
So that, HIS ministry continues so
for all the world to very freely know.
And so that I, no longer, suffer such,
as there be NOTHING like my Father's touch!
The Power in The Blood, His great embrace-
no thing at all can ever take their place!

Yes.  Even this positive, born-again poet gets hits by the darts of the enemy sometimes.  No one is immune from such.  However, I know exactly Who to call on when that happens!  I surely pray that YOU do, as well!


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