Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Assuring Myself!

There are moments in life when very little makes sense.  However, we have the great assurance that, even during those times, God knows exactly what is going on and His sense never fails!

"You hold me firmly inside of Your hand.
Because You KNOW and fully understand!
When even I, myself, cannot relate,
Your love and Your compassion are so great!
Oh Lord, there is no greater love than You!
None provide the love and care You do!
There be no other touch, Lord, like Your Own,
because, to You, I am completely known!

Whatever may afflict humanity,
every facet of it You can see.
And, though I be a tool for Your Own use,
I am not immune from life's abuse!
Even in this pain that I am in,
You secure me so that I will win!
That victory was settled long ago,
though, through infirmities, we still must go.
I know, though, that I do so not alone-
Your firm embrace, around me, it is known!
And there are those of faith so guarding me
until my heart can grasp Your victory!
Release me, never, Jesus, from Your hand.
Though I may never come to understand
the pain and stress and the anxiety
that will exist until The Trumpet be!"

No matter how long we have belonged to Jesus, regardless how deep our faith may be, this life is still going to try its best to overtake us and devour us!  However, the security that we have in Jesus Christ is NEVER going to let that happen!  TRUST HIM AND HOLD ON!

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