Monday, June 12, 2023

A Welcome Interruption!

A whole list of chores to get accomplished today.  However, God has another plan...

The morning sun is misty as
we start another day.
Then, one big clap of thunder and
the clouds unload their bay!
The rain--it is so very loud
across the mountain land,
and I must set some chores aside
that I had at hand.

As quickly as it comes, it stops
but momentarily,
as lightning strikes and thunder rolls
once more so powerfully!
So necessary be the rains,
and so welcome also, aye,
as the heat and the humidity
have freely had their way!

Those pending chores can wait awhile
as I enjoy the storm
that, seemingly, out of the blue,
did organize and form!
Few I know be those complaining,
(though there be many that may gripe--)
the ponds to fill...the air to clear...
the many crops to ripe!

"Thank You, Father, for the gift
of rain upon the land!
I know that, such as this, it is
a gift out of Your hand!
Though some complain, THIS MAN will not!
I'll sit back and enjoy
the workings of Your mighty hand,
creation to employ!"

A mid-morning storm.  So very welcome and necessary in this place, (and others!)  And so refreshing be the smell of the air as I sit under the deck and enjoy it with Him Who created it!


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