Sunday, June 4, 2023

A Week Late!

Sunday AFTER Memorial Day, 2023.  I just found this in my pad and I forgot to send it out!  One week late.  Fire me!  However, when honoring and signifying them that have gone on in serving this great country, there is no timeline!  They deserve respect and remembrance EVERY DAY!

The rows of ivory crosses-
too numerous to count!
Too many are the sacred grounds
to fathom the amount!
Not one be 'insignificant!
Each be a family member!
Each one has lives attached to them,
lives that yet remember!
And it's up to US, America,
to remember them each day!
Because they gave the very most,
we each can live this way!
Going here and there without
a worry or a care,
facing danger as if a person
would take on a 'dare!'

Who be these heroes lying in
these crypts across the land?
They be those leaving all behind,
giving U.S.A. a hand!
No matter what.  No matter where.
No matter duty's call,
they stepped up when they saw the need
and gave their very all!

So, let us honor properly
these gone too soon, so great!
Fete them with glory as we should-
their lives to celebrate!
Decorate their markers as
THEY were so decorated!
NEVER let their memories
go on underrated! 

Memorial Day, 2023.  But just how many final resting places do we pass by as we go about OUR business each day?  It is due their duties and sacrifices that we even have such opportunity!  NEVER FORGET THEM!!

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