Friday, June 30, 2023

Is SERVICE Obsolete?

It would certainly seem that 'SERVICE' is obsolete!  In businesses, in friendships, in just about anything involving 'people,' things have certainly changed.  Are we any better for those changes?  Hmm...

"To trust as would be trusted."
Is such now obsolete?
Even now in businesses
is not a thing discreet!
I used to bring in customers
with 'kindness' in my day.
These days, you are 'entitled' unto
taking cash their way!
'You're getting what you paid for!'
employees say with smirk!
'Customer, if I don't show up at this job,
you won't receive my work!'

When did 'entitlement' become
the TOP priority?
'O God, help us find our way back to
a sense of 'normalcy!'
Why can't we all just 'get along'
and treat each other fair?
Surely, we could get more done
for EVERYBODY'S fare!
And, of a truth, the Lord would smile
upon behavior such.
And, knowing God, He will insert
His blessings, oh so much!

So be ye kind to one another!
Let all 'attitude' go!
PURPOSE to be positive,
and blessings you will know!
And the world will be all the better
unto one another!
Everyone will be a friend,
all will be a brother!

Oh yea, see it with me, won't you?  It IS possible!  All we must do is PURPOSE to get along,  CHOOSE to NOT be offended, and APPRECIATE folks when they shop at your store!


Monday, June 26, 2023

Smaller World!

I was in the middle of writing a message this morning and a message popped up on my FaceBook page.  It was from a pastor in Africa that I had not heard from in awhile!  Intrigued, I got into a conversation with him.  He just wanted to know if I was o.k., as I have missed a few days writing due to vacation.  GOD'S WAYS ARE AMAZING!

Your care and Your concern, oh Lord,
are way beyond our grasp!
There is NOTHING in this day and age
to steal us from Your clasp!
This world and it's ways, they would
attempt, at every chance,
to embezzle us, Your Own, oh God,
through ANY circumstance!
BUT GOD, You have us each secure
from challenges that be!
You keep Your very firm embrace
around the lives of we!
Even that one calling me
this morn from far away,
You even have his each concern
settled, in YOUR way!
Already is His need supplied,
because you are Forever,
and You have promised that You will
not leave us 'needing' ever!

No matter where the need may be,
You know and You supply.
Though 'face-to-face' we may not be,
somehow, You make the tie.
For us to 'know' each other and
proclaim Your mighty deeds!
Strengthening that, for each other,
each one intercedes!

Yes, there are thousands of 'friends' on my FaceBook page.  Only half of them do I personally know.  The rest have become 'friends' because they like the words that God gives me, and they know that I will pray for them.  What an amazing tool when used properly!!


Saturday, June 24, 2023

Imperfect Tongue!

With a pen in my hand, I do the best that I can to describe the incredible sights in front of me.  I certainly pray that they are conveyed properly!

Sunlight on the river-
the current never stops!
Stillness in the verdant foliage...
the temp, it slowly drops!
A perfect summer evening,
my Father God has made!
As the others cast their lines,
a verse would be relayed!
From a deck that would only
be described as 'bliss!'
I cannot fully capture all,
as details I would miss!
Like right now, as I raise my eyes,
an eagle is gliding by,
just two feet above the water,
effortlessly to fly!
So majestic in his flight-
defying gravity!
So excited are the grandkids-
a sight they rarely see!
Such blessed gifts from God, Himself,
the Giver of all good!
The only One Who exists to make,
all this glory...AND WOULD!
And He shares it oh so constantly
with them they pay attention!
Therefore, with every breath I take,
He receives great mention!
But verses, words and poetry
be insufficient so,
the Majesty of His greatness
and quality to know!

Words...verses...songs...poetry...they all pale in comparison when they are used to describe the awe, spectacle and power of God.  However, until I get there and receive that perfect language, I will us that which He has blessed me with!  I pray that YOU can hear and feel the sights before my eyes!


Have we REALLY gotten far? we are in our 'advanced' and 'mature' world, living our lives without the 'things' that Jesus had to deal with when He walked the earth.  OR...have we REALLY changed that much?  Hmm...

'Why is it, Lord, that 'money' splits

the very best of friends?
One obtains 'success' of any kind,
and the relationship ends?
Could it be 'jealousy' takes hold?
Anger?  Fear?  Or lust?
I've seen success or money destroy
the deepest of all trust!
But why, oh God?  We should be happy
when our friends succeed!
Despite how long that friendship's been,
despite a 'want' or 'need!'

'Friendhsip should have no thing to do
with 'net worth' or 'income!'
If such is, there's something very wrong
with what we have become!
We tether our relationships
unto a certain 'mass?'
And, if they do not measure up,
they're not within our 'class?'

'Oh God, but what would Jesus say
about such 'attitude?'
The same He faced but every day--
are WE any less rude?
O singe our hearts!  Deliver us
and make us like You are,
that 'riches' 'money' and 'success'
would not be such a 'scar!'

Jesus dealt with it in His days.  Those before Him dealt with it as well.  Now, here we are, in our 'advanced and civil' world, dealing with the same issue?!  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!  Can we not grasp the fact that ALL are equal in the eyes of God?

Friday, June 16, 2023


Scanning the landscape this day as I fellowship with Jesus Christ.  I am minded yet again of the impending day ahead when He returns...

Adoring the sunlight of the morning
as it is illuminating trees.
Conversing with my Savior and Creator
in the refreshment of the early breeze.
So healing are these moments with my Father
out in the creation He has made.
His handiwork reflects His mighty power-
everywhere we look to be displayed!

Wherever we could be will be His Presence,
as all about be something He has made.
As the moments pass, though, so does sunlight;
so, presently, we view it in the shade!
I haven't checked the forecast.  Yet, this morning,
so 'salt-and-pepper' may become the day.
All things to be done outside are taken care of,
so, this man is prepared, come what may.

Resting and relaxing sounds inviting
after the events that are of late.
God knew that I would need this very moment
to heal this man and to rejuvenate!
So many things that only He expected
have risen and have happened to this man.
And so, have come that hope and restoration
given as only God the Father can!
He is willing, and He is more than able,
and does so, even as I watch the land.
And He tends to everything that life requires
with His Word and with His mighty hand!

Regardless of events that 'seem' to happen,
I am assured that He is in control!
And His protection will never be rescinded,
because He is the Bishop of my soul!
And WILL BE when THIS life, it is no longer,
as He escorts us through eternity!
Yes, listen for that Trumpet Blast that's coming-
for God says, at ANY moment, it could be!!

Yes, my friend, The Trumpet will sound and He will split the skies, returning to receive the faithful who know Jesus Christ as their Savior!  It could even be today!


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Assuring Myself!

There are moments in life when very little makes sense.  However, we have the great assurance that, even during those times, God knows exactly what is going on and His sense never fails!

"You hold me firmly inside of Your hand.
Because You KNOW and fully understand!
When even I, myself, cannot relate,
Your love and Your compassion are so great!
Oh Lord, there is no greater love than You!
None provide the love and care You do!
There be no other touch, Lord, like Your Own,
because, to You, I am completely known!

Whatever may afflict humanity,
every facet of it You can see.
And, though I be a tool for Your Own use,
I am not immune from life's abuse!
Even in this pain that I am in,
You secure me so that I will win!
That victory was settled long ago,
though, through infirmities, we still must go.
I know, though, that I do so not alone-
Your firm embrace, around me, it is known!
And there are those of faith so guarding me
until my heart can grasp Your victory!
Release me, never, Jesus, from Your hand.
Though I may never come to understand
the pain and stress and the anxiety
that will exist until The Trumpet be!"

No matter how long we have belonged to Jesus, regardless how deep our faith may be, this life is still going to try its best to overtake us and devour us!  However, the security that we have in Jesus Christ is NEVER going to let that happen!  TRUST HIM AND HOLD ON!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

'Pockets of Pleasure'

At rest at last from the day that is.  My Father knew that I would need this time and place, so He strategically places them when and where they are needed!

The sunlight sets the trees aglow

with afternoon to fade.
The animals are savoring
abundance of the shade!
The multitude upon the wing
have found the seed I've got.
I listen to them as they sing-
what melody they've got!

In spite of stressors in this life,
such pleasures God provides.
Though there be so much going on
that angers and divides!
There's so much more to be enjoyed,
so simple and so free;
and God, Himself, dispenses such
unto such as we!

So, look for His simplicity,
it's right before your eyes!
It's a wondrous glory He would have us
freely recognize!
And take it not for granted!
It is necessary so,
for a decrease in all stress
but all of us may know!

God's care and His concern-
oh let us come to learn!
His mercy and His love-
there is NOTHING above!

Yes, God fully knows the stresses and trials that come with daily living.  Thus, He provides these 'pockets of pleasure' for us to enjoy and revive with throughout each and every day!  DON'T IGNORE THEM!

Monday, June 12, 2023

A Welcome Interruption!

A whole list of chores to get accomplished today.  However, God has another plan...

The morning sun is misty as
we start another day.
Then, one big clap of thunder and
the clouds unload their bay!
The rain--it is so very loud
across the mountain land,
and I must set some chores aside
that I had at hand.

As quickly as it comes, it stops
but momentarily,
as lightning strikes and thunder rolls
once more so powerfully!
So necessary be the rains,
and so welcome also, aye,
as the heat and the humidity
have freely had their way!

Those pending chores can wait awhile
as I enjoy the storm
that, seemingly, out of the blue,
did organize and form!
Few I know be those complaining,
(though there be many that may gripe--)
the ponds to fill...the air to clear...
the many crops to ripe!

"Thank You, Father, for the gift
of rain upon the land!
I know that, such as this, it is
a gift out of Your hand!
Though some complain, THIS MAN will not!
I'll sit back and enjoy
the workings of Your mighty hand,
creation to employ!"

A mid-morning storm.  So very welcome and necessary in this place, (and others!)  And so refreshing be the smell of the air as I sit under the deck and enjoy it with Him Who created it!


Sunday, June 11, 2023


Yes, even His elect are subject to this world and its ways...for better or for worse.  However, when 'those ways' are for the worse, Jesus Christ's arms are NEVER too short to scoop down and shield us from those fiery darts!

When pain comes from places that you cannot know...
when it 'feels' like your stability's let go...
when 'emotion' seems to overtake-
I know the greatest step that I can take!
I cry out to God--His embrace to receive!
He's already here, but I must MAKE myself believe!
In those moments that I cannot understand,
He secures me inside His mighty hand!
Assuring me that what I cannot explain,
unto Him is clear and very plain!

From that position of security,
He begins to heal and settle me!
Guarding and protecting me from stress,
that I would, not again, become a mess!
He knows each cause of that afflicting me.
He recognizes 'triggers' that may be.
He guards and separates me from the same,
and frees this man to praise His holy Name!

Yes, even what I cannot comprehend,
He knows in full and puts me on the mend!
So that, HIS ministry continues so
for all the world to very freely know.
And so that I, no longer, suffer such,
as there be NOTHING like my Father's touch!
The Power in The Blood, His great embrace-
no thing at all can ever take their place!

Yes.  Even this positive, born-again poet gets hits by the darts of the enemy sometimes.  No one is immune from such.  However, I know exactly Who to call on when that happens!  I surely pray that YOU do, as well!


Thursday, June 8, 2023

Thoughts. Good and Bad.

Have you ever been going about your day, and something crosses your mind and you say 'WHOA!!  WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!'  All of us have had that happen.  Good or bad.  Trouble is, in this day and age, more and more folks are acting upon those fleeting 'bad' thoughts that happen!  IT does NOT have to be that way!!

Every thought within, they seem
to come out of the blue!
Oft times, we catch ourselves and say
"What has THAT got to do?!"
The thoughts, they are but constant as
we go about our day.
ACTING upon them, however,
is THEIR 'defining' way!
Make sure those 'definitions' serve
to glorify God's Name!
Like it or not, your actions--they
result in God's 'praise' or 'blame!'
Some folks, they are so vain that they
attribute ALL to God.
Even the acts of those whose thinking
is so very flawed!

The Word of God says NOT to judge ALL
with the same critique.
For He has made us, one and all,
to each be quite unique!
If but our vision of each other
so reflected such,
this world would be a much better place,
though 'opinions' yet vary much!
See each other as the 'individual'
that God created us to be.
And an oh so much better world
we would look around and see!

God did not create a 'race' of 'robots!'  God created man in His Own image, and one has yet to imagine just how wonderful God is!
Be the 'you' that God created YOU to be!  You are necessary in this ever-changing world to be WHO you are, not to merely 'blend in' and be invisible!!

Never 'Yesterday!'

It rained quite a bit the past few days.  That means that the lake levels around us will be elevated.  That ALSO means that 'fishing' should be at its prime.  Let's go find out...

The launch we like is just a few miles out.
The boat is packed and ready.
Even with the winds, so gentle,
its surface remains steady.
Already are a dozen boats,
but hey, Norfork is massive!
(And I've learned that SOME fisherman,
they are more than 'passive!')
But this man and his wife come out here
to unwind and to enjoy.
And the few skills we possess for 'fishing,'
we will yet employ!
And God provides but every time
we set out on such trek.
We 'catch and release' anyway,
so 'stress' has no effect!
It is so beautiful out here
amongst the Ozark hills!
When God Most High designed this place
He filled it with such thrills!
Like the hawks and eagles that
come diving from above,
securing in their talons that meal
that they so dearly love!
It's more challenging for such as we-
seeing all we need
to catch what they swoop down and grab!
But it's ALWAYS a joy, indeed!
And the weather today is wonderful,
with chance of rain so slight.
Even if it does, we'll stretch
and savor the delight!

No work.  No chores.  Just quality time to spend with each other out on the lake!  WHAT A BLESSING!  God's creations are like not any other, and this part of the country is blessed with so many of them!


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

This Day and Age

Everywhere we turn these days, it seems like we are offending SONEONE!  When in all reality, we should be seeking to please God and satisfy Him alone!  After all, He is THE ONE Who secured life for us in the first place!!

There are 'people' I just cannot understand.

Does that mean that THEY forever should be banned?!
If SOME people had THEIR way, then such would be!
But what would God have to say unto such as we?
Are we not to love each other and reach out?
To minister, and see that we are not without?
Imagine a world that's filled with only folks like we-

There are people out there of whom I don't 'approve.'
Should I not then just sell everything and move?!
But, if that be the answer, where would I go?
For there is NO 'perfect place' on earth we know!
Therefore, I must learn to 'get along' and adapt!
Lest I live a lifetime that would feel so 'entrapped!'
God said, a perfect place here, there is not!
And imperfect people are all that we have got!

Therefore, my brother and my sister, GET ALONG!
For each be words, stanzas or verses to a song.
And if but ONE single voice is eliminated,
the entire symphony could be decimated!
The enemy, for he desires such to see,
but it will not be as long as 'we' are 'we!'
WE have gotten THIS FAR without doing such,
and that is only because of Jesus and His touch!

Times are tough.  Some of us are causing that: making it tougher on those who don't believe exactly the way we do or do not do things in the exact manner that we do them!  Hey, as long as we arrive at the same result!  His response will be the same to every person: "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"  Or "Go Away.  I never knew you!"

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Necessary Rest

Yes, this life requires us to get proper rest each and every day.  It is a necessity!  However, if the world had its way, we would be rushing here and there, in a constant hurry!  Some already live that way.  They can have it!!

"You give me rest from this old life

like nowhere else availed...
Your rest, O Word, is healing so,
so much in it entailed!
None other to provide as much
as You, oh precious Lord.
So very fortunate be all
that have, with You, accord!

As Matthew said so very well
in those verses holy:
when I'm tired from heavy burdens,
You give rest, AND WHOLLY!
Rest that cannot be obtained
at any place at all
save when we trust in You alone,
Your Mighty Name, to call!

Yes, this old life would do its best
to keep us busy so.
But filling every moment is what
You meant us NOT to know!
For even You, Lord, set aside
those moments all alone,
so peace and restoration, they
would easily be known!"

So, tired, burdened, stressed at all?
Oh, give it to The Lord!
He will keep you in His care,
and see that you're restored!
He will give you rest like you
have never known before!
His love, it is so wonderful,
and you will get more and more!

Even from the very beginning, God saw how busy THIS day would be!  Thus, He provides Jesus, and a personal relationship with Him will not only guarantee salvation and a place in Heaven, it will ensure proper balance in this day and age!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Eternal Answer!

The longer we live, it seems the busier this old world becomes!  It doesn't have to be, you know?  There is a Name that you can call upon that will help you through every step!  That Name is JESUS, and He already has all answers to all things!

There are days I cannot understand.

I can't even read the writing of my hand!
Nothing happening seems to make sense,
and others ask me if I'm 'stressed' or 'tense.'
But God my Savior understands those days.
He settles me and shows to me HIS ways
to be victorious over confusing times,
and, when He does, this man's whole being chimes!
For not EVERY day is smooth and minus stress.
But, even during THOSE days, does He bless!
His security and love are present so,
when nothing's making sense, His grace I know!

Have YOU those days when all seems 'out of whack?'
Just pause, take a breath and call Him back!
You spent time with Him before the day began.
Take Him with you everywhere you can!
For He will help each day to make more sense,
and give 'clarity' to speech and incidents!
Even causing VICTORY to be,
(and even give your writing clarity!)
As God wants VICTORY in all your days.
And such will come while following HIS ways!
Even in a world that seeks to know Him not,
His favor and His love you've truly got!

So, on those days you cannot understand,
reach up to Him and grab hold of His hand!
He will help make sense of everything,
and, clarity of mind, He'll truly bring!
'Peace that passes all' will He provide,
and VICTORY will fill you so inside!
YOU must call on His great Name, however,
and He will help you, 'worldly' trust, to sever!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking God to guide your every step throughout the day!  HE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU, this I promise!

Summer's on the Verge!

 Blessings on you this day!

Ah...finally.  All things that had to be taken care of this morning are behind us.  And now, we have that Most Valuable Time to spend with God and one another doing that which He provides.  On THIS day, that 'Time' includes FISHING!!

The sun is bright and brilliant,
(somewhere behind the cloud!)
The glory of the day, however,
NOTHING will enshroud!
Already are the chores accomplished,
(all that HAD to be,)
and now, to spend more time with Him
Who died for such as we!

Time with Jesus, this day, shall
be spent with hook and line!
Down at the shoals, the current is,
right now, so mighty fine!
Perfect for a trout or three,
(whatever be our limit,)
for that cloud the sun's hiding behind,
not all the day, shall dim it!
Soon and very soon, that cloud,
it will be passing by,
and the summer sun will be
so high up in the sky!
So, we best hurry up if we'll
be fishing in the shade.
Either way, I know today,
some memories will be made!
Vicki's in town for a few days--
that means FISHING TIME!
For she makes sure her mom and I
relax with moments prime!

And Jesus, He will be there too,
cheering us each on!
He has fun, too, with all of us, 
wherever we have gone!
For He provides environs rich
with meaning, fun and love!
So blessed we are that we belong
unto Great God above!

Yes, God Most High is so loving that He allots time for such as this...IF you are paying attention and following His lead!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US! 
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Sunday, June 4, 2023

A Week Late!

Sunday AFTER Memorial Day, 2023.  I just found this in my pad and I forgot to send it out!  One week late.  Fire me!  However, when honoring and signifying them that have gone on in serving this great country, there is no timeline!  They deserve respect and remembrance EVERY DAY!

The rows of ivory crosses-
too numerous to count!
Too many are the sacred grounds
to fathom the amount!
Not one be 'insignificant!
Each be a family member!
Each one has lives attached to them,
lives that yet remember!
And it's up to US, America,
to remember them each day!
Because they gave the very most,
we each can live this way!
Going here and there without
a worry or a care,
facing danger as if a person
would take on a 'dare!'

Who be these heroes lying in
these crypts across the land?
They be those leaving all behind,
giving U.S.A. a hand!
No matter what.  No matter where.
No matter duty's call,
they stepped up when they saw the need
and gave their very all!

So, let us honor properly
these gone too soon, so great!
Fete them with glory as we should-
their lives to celebrate!
Decorate their markers as
THEY were so decorated!
NEVER let their memories
go on underrated! 

Memorial Day, 2023.  But just how many final resting places do we pass by as we go about OUR business each day?  It is due their duties and sacrifices that we even have such opportunity!  NEVER FORGET THEM!!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

That Song Inside

There is a song within each one of us.  The words, lyrics and music reflect what it is inside of us.  What is YOUR song saying to others?

Oh, there is a song inside the heart,
inside the heart of me!
My countenance would sing it out
for all to hear and see!
A song of joy unspeakable
beyond all circumstance;
a melody so heavenly
my soul and spirit dance!
And I take that loving song with me
wherever I should go,
that, them that are without a song,
may come to learn and know!
NOTHING of THIS place shall hinder,
oh, that living song!
It is a sign that, unto Christ
the King, I do belong!

And that song--it will be present There
in That Eternal Place
that He's prepared for everyone
who is saved, saved by His grace!
It shall be Heaven's anthem long
beyond when time shall end--
together we will sing it to Him,
every brother-friend!

Oh, learn that song but even now
and keep it in your heart!
Where not a thing at all affects,
until we shall depart
unto That Perfect Place that He
has made just for His Own!
Oh, that song inside the heart--it carries
such a healing tone!

Are YOU lacking such a song, my friend?  Jesus Christ the King replaces your song when you give him dwelling therein!  He will instill That Living Song and you cannot help but sing it then!  Give it a try!

Thursday, June 1, 2023

That Woman I Married!

I am so very blessed!  We are approaching 42 years of marriage, and I am STILL IN LOVE WITH HER!  Some days of late have been so busy, people pulling me here and there, and I sometimes forget WHO is of most import in THIS life.  I hope these words help her know...

'Oh, come and let me hold you as
the sun begins to set.
The day has taken much from me,
but 'the best' it did not get!
'Cuz when I'm holding you, I know
I hold the very best!
Oh, let the world just pass us by!
We are so very blessed!

God knew exactly what He was doing
when He put us together!
He knew that our relationship
could withstand ANY weather!
The storms of life have come and gone,
and they're not about to end.
I'm so glad you're with me through it all
as wife, as lover, as FRIEND!

Oh, watch the sun with me, my love,
as day comes to an end...
watch the squirrel run through the yard
then, up the tree, ascend!
And listen with me to the birds,
our love, to serenade!
Because of you and Christ the Lord,
this man has got it made!

Yes, come and let me hold you, love,
as, for decades, we have done.
I can truly yet say that,
life with you, it is so fun!
How much more time have we together?
Jesus only knows!
However long be that amount,
our love, it only grows!

Yes!  I am indeed a very blessed man!  That wife of mine puts up with quite a bit.  Takes care of quite a bit.  Always gives all she can.  And God Most High has a crown waiting for her when That Trumpet blasts!  SHE CERTAINLY DESERVES IT!