Monday, May 8, 2023

YOU are necessary!

So many different folks cross our paths each day.  Each and every one of them be different.  There is one constant, however, GOD LOVES THEM ALL!  We have no idea who is bearing what cross unless they share it with us.  When that precious moment comes, will YOU know what to say?

A myriad of situations
face us--everyone!
There is joy that is so deep within
providing by just One!
It's put there to overshadow
situations all,
but there are some who cannot find it-
therein lies our call!
For some of us can help direct them
to that joy within,
as we can relate so very well
unto through what they've been!
If that is you, my friend, know this:
And you can help them navigate
to where they need to go!
For God's placed you strategically
because you are of use
to Him for them that hurt so much
from despair or abuse.

So be ye e'er available
wherever you may go.
Follow His lead every day
as, all things, does He know!
And He will lead you to that person
with that pressing need.
You may not have all they require,
BUT, you can intercede!
Just remember, Jesus loves them all,
Each and all of them be different,
BUT GOD can get them freed!

Continue doing what you do to the best of your ability, and allow God to do what He does THROUGH you!  You will be amazed at the results...which may not be known until the Trumpet Blast, but press on!


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