Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Those Priceless Opportunities!

In the busiest of lives, God Most High provides opportunities to call His Name and breeeeeathe!  Do not miss those priceless opportunities!

So vibrant are the sights and sounds
of the wondrous Spring!
So very fresh--the melody
of those upon the wing!
They sing about the sunshine and
new life upon the limbs!
It would so benefit ALL mankind
to join them in their hymns!
Just set aside the 'busyness'
if only for an hour;
join nature in its celebration
and so restore your power!!
That which is so necessary
will be there when you return.
Enjoying necessary breaks
is something we must learn!
Yea, vibrant and astounding is
this life that we are in!
Oh, do not complicate it!  Turn
your back on blatant sin!!
For God, He has the steps ordained
for each and every man.
Al we must do is say 'YES!' to
His all-important Plan!
Then, each day will be glorious,
regardless what it contains--
as you will be connected to
The One Who holds the reins!

Daily life is complicated enough!   Do not make it more so by 'going it alone!'  God has availed Himself to any and all who call upon His Holy Name!  Do so, won't you?  It will be a much easier ride!!

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