Wednesday, May 31, 2023


I turn on the news.  Another mass shooting.  This time, at a customized car show!  I DON'T GET IT!!  That is SUPPOSED to be an event where folks gather to have fun!  But ONE is there, and he is NOT having fun.  He cannot stand it when he sees others enjoying themselves...

I understand the 'want' to gather
with others of like mind,
and show your ride in all its pride-
there is so much to find!
You put so very much into it,
making it your own-
so many awesome visuals,
but different partners known!

It's NOT about a 'territory,'
it's not about a 'star!'
We customize these cars to show
the 'individual' we are.
But some cannot be 'comfortable'
or even have any fun,
they feel that they must torture others
by carrying a gun!

Already is security
upon the showing grounds.
Still, some make sure that they show up
carrying many rounds!
You came here to show off your car
and all the work you've done.
The hours that you put into it!
Must you make others run?!

'IT'S JUST A CAR!'  An object that
can be replaced with ease!
You can even 'customize' it more,
if that is what you please!
But must you take the lives of others
trying to do the same??
In doing so, you stain the hobby,
jeopardizing your life and name!

A mass shooting?  AT A CAR SHOW?!  What is wrong with us?  What are we becoming?!  God has blessed each of us with SPECIFIC talents!  However, if MY talent gets more attention than yours, you feel you must eliminate me?!  


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