Monday, May 29, 2023

STILL on Duty

In the distance, I watch as a soldier walks from headstone to headstone, placing Old Glory upon gravesites scattered around a massive cemetery.

A man in full fatigues out in

a field of ivory crosses.
He fully knows the gravity
and weight of all their losses!
He places Stars and Stripes on every
stone he comes upon,
knowing that, each time he stops,
a family member gone.

How many miles has he walked?
How many pounds of flags?
Yet, his pace, it is intent,
his posture never sags!
What kind of battles has HE seen?
The countries he's been through...
For he's seen more with his own eyes
than most lives EVER do!
And he knows every reason ivory
crosses firmly stand,
as he has witnessed his share of
what happens "In Command."

Who is this one in battle dress?
Who lies beneath each stone?
They are in that place so you and I
have many freedoms known!
The signed up for the greatest 
country in the world.
They served and fought so, every day,
OUR flag may be unfurled!

So, fold your hands, say a prayer,
and, maybe, raise a glass
for those who died defending us--
they are a greater class!
More than 'recruited' or 'enlisted,'
more than 'drafted,' they,
they are a very special breed
not happening each day!

Celebrate them.  Commemorate them.  Memorialize them one and all--all of them who went 'wherever' in service to America's call!  Too many of them do not return for us to give them proper recognition!

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