Friday, May 19, 2023

Spirit Sharing Vision

Just another, average day.  Taking time to step out and look out across His Creation.  Then, Holy Spirit catches my heart and gives me a vision of what is in store...

Above the trees, so green and lush,
the rolling hills go on, so plush!
As jays and sparrows brightly sing,
I see the coming of The King!!
He splits the skies for all to see
behind resounding revelry!
The glory and the majesty
availed for every eye to see--
a thing that's not been seen before,
(but some shall see forevermore!!)

For That Day, it's coming very soon!
With God Most High will we commune
in a Place called 'Paradise--'
so perfect, wonderful and nice!
All trials and all pain we see
will be erased from memory!
New memories will then commence,
as we walk with Him--our Recompense!

For His shed blood has made this to be
eternity for such as we!
We, who are The Born Again
when Jesus called and took us in!
Life, and life abundant so-
so different then, the world we know!
And, even now, a taste of such
to be each day--divine, His touch!
And each day until the Trumpet Blast-
'COME QUICKLY!' does the soul cry out,
so, with Him, we can roam about!!

Oh, my brother, won't it be wonderful There?!  Eternity, in Paradise, with Jesus Christ and all of our loved ones gone on before us...FOREVERMORE!!


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