Saturday, May 6, 2023


Years ago, my wife and I ran a care home.  It contained 4-6 wonderful people who were full of incredible, amazing stories!  Sure, they each had their own personality, their own 'problems,' and some were better than others.  But they were all loveable!  The tragedy that I witnessed was that, of the six of them, four had family within an hour, but only a few of those family members would come and see their loved ones!!  AND TWO ONLY CAME ON HOLIDAYS!!  THAT'S A CRIME!!

"When I no longer know you and 
the years of what we've done,
will you just place me in a 'place'
to be cared for by 'someone?'
When I no longer have a use
in the life you live,
into the hands of complete strangers,
my life, will you give?
If I meet not your expectations,
will I be sent away
so you can live the way you want
at any time of day?
There, I'll be seen on holidays,
(if I am seen at all!)
and you can go on with your living,
not obliged at all!

What happened to the days when 
families cared for families,
and took care of them until when
they could not, life, attend?
Loving them, caring for them,
and forgetting not?
In THESE days, just how many 
families, such, have got?

In these days, life's so wonderful!!
But is it for the best?
Upon the heart, what's been said cost?
Have YOU done all you can, my friend,
to protect your elder man?
Oh, search your heart, but deeply so!
Have great treasuries, you sure can!!"

That resident you pass by each day.

Unfortunately, in the day and age we are in, someone reaches a certain age or gets a certain 'condition' and we just 'find a place to put them and make them comfortable!'  (So we think!!)  There has got to be a better way!


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