Saturday, May 20, 2023

Now and Then!

We have the blessed assurance of His Salvation NOW, but THEN we shall take up residence with Him in That Perfect Place!  Press on, my friend!  It could happen at any moment....

He came to earth on His Own terms,

knowing all that would be.
He knew of the abuse awaiting,
yet freely came, did He!
The power and the politics
that HE KNEW were awaiting-
He faced and He defeated them,
therefore, we're celebrating!
And JESUS we shall celebrate
throughout eternity--
when this life is no longer has
a hold on such as we!
When labors and divisions cease
we'll be in That Great Place--
dancing on the streets of gold
and looking in His face!

Nonetheless, He freely comes
that we could know salvation!
Thus weekly, daily, constantly
He is worth celebration!
All that we need, all we could want,
it is availed in Christ!
For even before time itself
He was sacrificed!

'Oh thank You, Great and Mighty God
for sending Your Own Son!
We pray for mercy, grace and peace.
You tell us 'IT IS DONE!'
Paid in full by Jesus Christ,
Your One Begotten Son!
You saw EVERY scenario
and chose The Perfect One!'

Jesus Christ.  THE Answer to all that this life holds, the Finisher of our faith, and The King Who shall reign forevermore!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!

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