Saturday, May 27, 2023

More Than a Memory!

Army.  Navy.  Air Force.  Marines.  Reserves.  WAC.  National Guard.  Coast Guard.  Aerospace.  (Please forgive me if I left some out.)  Whatever the service, someone in that field gave their life...FOR US!  Each of us owe them a debt that can NEVER be repaid!

It was my turn to stop and serve

the country that I love.
You stepped in and took my place,
not knowing what all of!
Your duty and your honor stood
as fearlessly you fought!
You endured the hell of war
and all that 'service' brought!

We have a life because you gave
your own in place of ours!
You demonstrated bravery
beyond mere 'human' powers!
And now, we see your crosses as
we slowly walk along.
Emotions well so deep as we
hear patriotic song!

THANK YOU, each and every one
for which these words were made!
Please know your lives were not in vain,
and we SHALL NOT evade
the time set in memorial
of the life you gave
to defend your countrymen!
YOU--the proud, the brave!

Whatever branch--it matters not!
Our respect and gratitude, you've got!
If you received not any HERE,
forgive us, please.  You earned it clear!
And when we meet again, SALUTE!
From this man and the resolute
so grateful yet that YOU would serve
this greatest nation, without swerve!

So many gone before us.  Too numerous to count, but NOT to be taken for granted!  Whatever branch, whatever rank, whatever term of service, YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND WE ARE GRATEFUL THAT YOU GAVE ALL!!

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