Thursday, May 25, 2023

Memories on the River

A few days off from work.  A day away from all chores.  AND VICKI'S HOME!  Hmmm...what should we do?  I know exactly where to go!

In a place of silence, save

the whisper of the breeze.
The surface of the river lined
with oh so many trees!
While the girls are catching fish,
I am catching rays;
and, with a pen, catching letters
equaling a 'phrase!'

Th open sky...a streak of clouds...
the sun so high behind...
and the silence--wonderful,
producing peace-of-mind!
God made this place of majesty
to heal and entertain,
and gives us breaks from days that are
just 'average' and 'plain!'
And days that are so 'challenging'
and 'complicated' so.
Whatever be the days that are,
it is so good to know
that God--He has a plan and place
for everyone at all!
And He sees to all our footing so
that none of us will fall!
Even in this place--so perfect,
He has made by hand:
a place of peace and solace that
not many understand!

In a place of silence,
(save the heron gliding by!)
A time so necessary for them
that would even try!
Make moments such as these, my friend,
but every time we can!
They are a staple in the order
of God's Perfect Plan!

I caught many words today.  The girls caught about 30 trout and perch!  (Yes, Game and Fish, we threw them back!)  But it was so much fun!  Though we had shirts on and there were high clouds, we still got burnt!!  Ah, but it was a day we'll never forget!

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