Friday, May 5, 2023

Laughter Benefits!

There are some 'heavy things' going on in this world, and even in the lives of those so close to us!  Solomon wrote of it waaaay back in The Word.  However, he also told us to try and not let IT weigh us down!

The wisest wrote 'What good is laughter?'

way back in The Pages.
He said that such was 'futile in
a life and world that rages!'
He went on, listing joys and pleasures
we so know and love,
pondering what good they were
and, just what use, they're of!

But 'laughter,' it is healing to
the body and the soul,
and it is NECESSARY for
a person to be whole!
It cleanses the emotions that
get pent-up over time,
and it's the stairway for the heart,
out of the pit, to climb!

Laughter may be 'futile' in
the lives of other men,
but it's a staple in MY life,
(through all that it has been!)
The world (and situations) may
have naught to laugh about,
but it releases stress and frees me-
of THIS I have no doubt!

So, find something in life that you
can laugh about each day!
Regardless of the seriousness
that has come your way.
Release it to Almighty God,
for He can handle such!
Then you will be enabled to
obtain that lighter touch!

I know, I know, there is A LOT going on in this life that is happening that is of no laughing matter!  However, if that is ALL that you focus on, you will be most miserable, and it will even affect your physical health!  NOBODY WANTS THAT!  Find joy and humor in something each and every day!  You will be all the better for it!

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