Thursday, May 4, 2023


KINDNESS.  No, no, no, not just 'being nice!'  Bing 'kind' requires going 'the extra mile...," doing the 'unexpected' when no one else will...'  It's not a 'contest,' it's not a 'competition,' it is going beyond what 'needs' to be done and doing what is 'wanted!'

Where is 'kindness' in a world FIXED

on 'progress' and 'success?'
These days, we place it by the wayside.
so, our 'selves,' we can bless!!
To keep up with each other, we
must 'pull out all the stops!'
All the while, our 'dignity' and
and our 'empathy' so drops!!

Is this kind of 'progress' really worth
such a bombastic price?!
Is 'being number one' or
'being right' worth sacrifice?!
Why not go back to 'being kind'
to each other, you and I?
For 'progress,' will become a by-product,
if we but only TRY!

Sure, it takes effort, it takes time,
but its fruits are unsurpassed!
And, soon, you'll realize what a bounty
that you have amassed!!
BUT, it takes little effort to be 'kind'
out in a world that's not.
(For Jesus Christ was 'kind' and 'nice,'
and look at what HE got!)
Oh...but look at what awaited Him
when all of it was through!!
The very same--it is awaiting
folks such as me and you!

So be ye kind out in a world
that's seems to be so 'not!'
So great be Your reward from all
the treasuries He's got!!

Yes, be 'kind' to one another.  Do not go out into the world and just be 'nice.'  Anybody can do that!  But be 'kind!'  Regardless of what your friends are doing...regardless of what your Pastor is doing...regardless of 'what everybody else is doing.'  For you do not have to stand before Almighty God and answer for THEM.  God is only going to require from you answers about YOU!  And what will you have to say in That Day?

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