Thursday, May 25, 2023

Imagining...FOR NOW!

After a day of taking care of people, solving problems and serving others, I come home to just a little slice of Heaven.  That gets my heart going again and I MUST find a pen and paper...

Imagining the splendor of

where He is taking us.
There will be no complaining there,
there be no cause to fuss!
There will be Perfection as
The Lord will oversee,
and not a thing at all of 'norm'
will come to such as we!

O see it with me, brother man,
that Paradise ahead
into which, the Born-Again,
someday, shall we be led
on the heels of Him Who comes
and splits the skies above,
Him Who gives His life for us
and gives us perfect love!

Soon and very soon, we'll be
no more 'imagining!'
We'll walk with Christ and talk with Him
and hear the angels sing!
Everything is perfect there,
no suffering at all,
no trial or tribulation be,
just celebrating His Call!

'Jesus, Jesus!  Come ye quickly!
The glory and the wonder there,
in person, we would know!
And long, so longing is the heart
to look into Your face!
Partaking of all that's availed
due Your amazing grace!!'

The longer we live, the more desirous Heaven and Its Creator become!!!  Won't it be wonderful, my friend?!  No more tragedies or challenges, just living in the Presence of Jesus Christ our Savior and savoring what He has for us!  NO MORE 'IMAGINING!!'

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