Sunday, May 7, 2023

His Investment

"Blessed be the faithful.  For they shall be greatly rewarded!"  This promise we must keep in mind as we press on daily, little-by-little, ever forward!

"You didn't bring us this far, Lord,
to leave us all alone.
You have invested so much in us
to have us tossed and thrown!
We KNOW You have a plan for us,
for each and every one!
We know, without a doubt, Your
sovereign will, IT WILL BE DONE!

No matter what is going on
or circumstances nigh,
in You, we are above it all,
so lofty and so high!
Your plans are far above our own-
we cannot fathom such!
But God, we revel in Your care
and ever-present touch!

We made it due our care alone,
Your Presence and Your love;
and we shall make it to That Day
You call us from above!
There, to revel in the 
Paradise You have created!
You take us as far as we can,
and then YOU'RE celebrated!

'OH BLOW THAT TRUMPET' cries the heart!
We long, so long, Lord, to depart
and be in Glory Land with You,
where EVERYTHING shall be made new!!"

How much longer?  God the Father only knows that!  Then He shall give Gabriel the command that shall be heard throughout all creation!  Oh, what a glorious Day that will be!!


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