Saturday, May 20, 2023


Can 'fairness' be found in THIS life?  Sometimes.  But most times, 'life' will do its best to have its way with you!  Remember, though, Whose you are and that, when THIS life is over, He will more than make up for it!  Yes, Heaven is waiting for all that name His Son as Savior!

This life--it is not fair at all!

God did not promise such.
He vowed, though, that He would be here
and not remove His touch!
No matter what the day may hold,
He holds us in His hand,
and gives us all we ever need
to very firmly stand!

Situations of all kind--
Be they they pain...
be they downright scary!
God CANNOT be manipulated,
He does not fluctuate,
His ways are far above our own;

This life, it is not fair at all.
But set your sights much higher!
God--He has the best for you
and He is NOT a liar!
You have a choice: you can succumb
to what life throws at you,
or you can use it for His glory,
and each day will be anew!

This life may not be fair.
And no one else may care!
He'll see that you arrive,
through all you may go through,
in Paradise anew!!
It waits ahead for all
who stand fast in The Call!
Expect not all be fair,
but KNOW God's always there!!

This life is not fair.  If you have lived any time at all, you have probably discovered that by now!  BUT GOD!  But God has promised recompense to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!  Don't let ANYTHING prevent you from doing THAT!

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