Friday, May 12, 2023


Father God did not just 'save us' and drop us off somewhere to finish on our own!  NO!  He accompanies us CONSTANTLY as we press on toward That Crown!  NEVER FOGET THAT!

Empowering us, who we are,

(but anyone at all,)
God the Father gives such tools
to ANY that would call!
He knows the heart, therefore He knows
exactly what each needs;
and His supply--it ends not for
the one that, His Call, heeds!
No matter who you are, regardless 
where you may reside,
He sees and knows your heart and the
intent that be inside!
"GUARD YOUR HEART..." His Word declares,
from this world and its ways,
and God will so empower YOU
here in the latter days!

Yes, many are the 'powers' so
competing for our time!
I MUST commune with Him each day
that, higher, I may climb!
For God would have us 'elevated'
in the days that are!
All the while, 'reachable'
and not too very far!

The day will come when we reside
with Him in Paradise!
'Perfect' living will be then,
so wonderful and nice!
Until then, we are of His use,
partaking of His power,
doing all He leads us to
until that final hour!

Yes, my friend, the day will come when there will no longer be struggles or strife!  Everything will be perfect then, and we will walk with Him, hand-in-hand, for all eternity!  Press on until then, my friend, and never lose hope!

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