Monday, May 15, 2023

Don't Mess with God's Order!

God set the sun in the sky for us to work by.  He made the moon and stars for us to be amazed at while the sun is gone.  Man, however, has made it so that it can be 'light' at all times!  Does that REALLY cause more 'production?

Night time in the Big City,

but darkness hard to find!
Some folk go to the greatest length
extending 'daily grind!'
'The Mighty Dollar' to some folk,
it be too great a cause,
and 'greener gazing,' be
embezzling that needed pause!

So busy is this 'city life,'
and it seems to never cease!
Have they not learned the benefits
of stopping to have peace?
The healing of 'just sitting back'
and putting all aside?
God so intended such to be
when it gets dark outside!
Instead of ceasing all to watch
the stars come slowly out,
we're already focused on what
tomorrow is about!!
Instead of enjoying families
and time with whom we're blessed,
we try to figure out how we can
make tomorrow best!!

The day's not even over, friend!
Enjoy the here and now!
And God will make tomorrow come
as only He knows how!
Don't waste another moment planning
all that you can do
to affect your life and those,
the ones so close to you!!

I promise you, they would rather have your full attention WHEN YOU ARE WITH THEM instead of doing as much as you can as fast as you can NOW!  For when it comes time to be with them, you will be too tired to enjoy them!

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