Monday, May 1, 2023

Deer Antics!

The storm is coming and going.  The rain, however, is barely letting up a all.  However, as I relax here in the back, I am watching a herd of deer across the valley.  They don't seem to mind the weather at all!

As lightning strikes and thunder rolls,
and downpours come in droves,
I rest beneath it all upon
the deck and gather troves.
Troves of words and phrases,
verses that agree--
the sum of such to be a poem
in a treasury!
All to glorify the lone
Creator of it all!
He joins me in the elements,
now rapidly to fall.
We entertain each other with
the things we say and do,
as, every moment with Him, is
so beautiful and new!

One thing surprising are the deer
down there upon the plain!
Normally, they are in hiding
from the storm and rain,
but right now, they are frolicking
like children through it all!
They jump about!  They're butting heads,
though sheets of rain would fall!

God--He entertains us with
the elements once more.
Everything that has life to
refresh and to restore!
Living to rejoice and to
rejuvenate anew,
not just to cause all life to thrive,
but, with abundance, too!

Safe beneath the new roof that we put over the back deck, it is such a joy to look out over His creation and watch the many ways that He CAUSES LIFE!  Even during the intermittent showers, there is so much to behold and enjoy!


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