Friday, May 26, 2023

Coffee with Closest Friends

Aahhh....the smell of coffee first thing in the morning!  I pour a cup and join my wife and Jesus on the deck and look out across the landscape...

Sunlight glimmers on the leaves

that fill the vision-wide!
We savor coffee with The Lord
in the morningtide.
We talk about the things that are
and that which is to come--
that which happens varies much,
yet victory be the sum!

The shadows, they are long today
as birds play here and there.
And things will happen to us all,
of which we do not care!
BUT GOD will be with us through all
with His great protection,
showing us His many blessings
in but every section!
Like the shimmer of the rising
sun upon the leaves,
and the singing birds on branches
and upon the eaves!
The beauty of simplicity,
updated constantly
by the God Who has the greatest
love for such as we!

The sunlight and the wildlife-
so appreciated
by the ones that take the time
to see what He's created!
His touch--for it is everywhere
and anywhere at all
to those who call Him 'Lord and Friend,'
and answer to His call!

God's goodness, grace and generosity are abounding each direction we turn...IF we pay attention to it!  Do so, my friend.  You will be all the better for it!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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