Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Before the Bustle!

Slooooooow.  Enjoy it!  Day is just beginning, and it WILL NOT be slow for very long in the day and age that we are in!!

Behold the sun!  Morn on the rise-

so glorious and grand!
God has given one more day
unto us from His hand!
Squander not this precious gift, my friend,
oh, make the very most
doing that which glorifies 
and edifies our Host!

Do so by being faithful unto
that which you've been called!
In that which profits nothing, oh,
but be ye NOT enthralled!
But find a way to further HIS cause!
Praise and magnify!
Find SOMEONE who needs lifting up,
and ye so edify!
The workplace or the marketplace
are rife with ones in need,
even find a stranger--share
God's love, His will to heed!!
And the simple act of 'listening'
to what one has to say,
so glorifies Your God on High
and edifies THEIR day!

It is not complicated,
superficial or complex.
Infusing His love into life
the Spirit so expects!
Great is your reward to be,
and better be their day
if you become a 'conduit,'
and let God have His way!

Every one of us is busy.  Each and all of us will come in contact with others in some way somewhere throughout the day.  Why not let His glorious Love shine through us as we go?

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