Sunday, May 21, 2023


Even before Jesus came to earth, He knew what was in store for Him.  Yet, faithful to His Father, He came!  Let US, therefore, be faithful to obey His lead and give to Him our best!  However, Jesus has no importance in the lives of so many!  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!

No ulterior motive has He,
save to love us wholly!
Jesus, Jesus, Son of God-
'There is no God "behind the back"
of Jesus Christ, the Lord!
Everything our Father is
we see in Christ, the Lord!
All authority has He from
the Father of all light!
Belonging to Him, through the Blood,
is a wonderful delight!
He came to earth, fulfilling ALL
The Scripture does contain!
Justice, power, authority,
mercy and comfort reign!
His ascension demonstrates
to us His heart and soul...
Oh lift up your heart and hands to Him,
relinquish all control!
For He is King!  But not as THIS world
would define 'kingship.'
Once you belong to Him, you will
not ever leave His grip!
For He will guard and guide you through
this life into the next.
For some, that is a mystery,
and may have you perplexed!
But trust Him fully, oh, my friend!
He'll NEVER let you down!
And share with all His wondrous love,
The One Who wears The Crown!

Yes, He knew fully what was awaiting Him.  It was ordered before was time itself.  Yet, willingly, He came.  He lived, He served, He suffered and He died.  Then He rose again on the third day!  After that HE ASCENDED to the right hand of The Father, and He continues to direct the paths of ALL that ask Him to be their Savior!  Won't YOU be one of them?

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