Thursday, May 11, 2023

Are you doing your BEST?

That is a question that only YOUR heart has the answer for!  I know quite a few rich people who are miserable...regardless how much they have!  On the other hand, I know some who live from paycheck-to-paycheck, and they are some of the happiest folks on earth?!  GO FIGURE!!

Why can't we care for one another

without the 'politics?'
The simplest of gestures seem
to run into all kinds of 'hics!'
I must read 15 pages before
seeing a physician!
And calling on a 'friend' to help
seems an 'imposition.'

I know that each of us are busy
with all kinds of things.
Our hours, they are stuffed with all
that 'living' this life brings!
And God forbid the phone should ring
with one who needs just 'talk!'
We make excuse and, at the
chance to minister, we balk!!

For God has set us each aside
with a specific use.
but if we ignore the Spirit's lead
He may just cut us loose!
And those so gifted that He's placed
in hospitals for us-
if they become 'an assembly line'
what good be THAT truss?!

I have a calling.  I am gifted.
But if you succumb to 'putting time in,'
then you have lost your view!
Please, do that which you are trained to do,
That way, so very may people
will be greatly blessed!!

You are here for a purpose, not a paycheck.  You are trained and hired to get a job done, not to get rich!  Sure, if you do what you're SUPPOSED TO DO, you MIGHT get rich!  But I promise you, even if you do not get wealthy in THIS life, give your very best for folks and do it as good as you can, and great riches await you in Heaven above!

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