Wednesday, May 31, 2023


I turn on the news.  Another mass shooting.  This time, at a customized car show!  I DON'T GET IT!!  That is SUPPOSED to be an event where folks gather to have fun!  But ONE is there, and he is NOT having fun.  He cannot stand it when he sees others enjoying themselves...

I understand the 'want' to gather
with others of like mind,
and show your ride in all its pride-
there is so much to find!
You put so very much into it,
making it your own-
so many awesome visuals,
but different partners known!

It's NOT about a 'territory,'
it's not about a 'star!'
We customize these cars to show
the 'individual' we are.
But some cannot be 'comfortable'
or even have any fun,
they feel that they must torture others
by carrying a gun!

Already is security
upon the showing grounds.
Still, some make sure that they show up
carrying many rounds!
You came here to show off your car
and all the work you've done.
The hours that you put into it!
Must you make others run?!

'IT'S JUST A CAR!'  An object that
can be replaced with ease!
You can even 'customize' it more,
if that is what you please!
But must you take the lives of others
trying to do the same??
In doing so, you stain the hobby,
jeopardizing your life and name!

A mass shooting?  AT A CAR SHOW?!  What is wrong with us?  What are we becoming?!  God has blessed each of us with SPECIFIC talents!  However, if MY talent gets more attention than yours, you feel you must eliminate me?!  


Monday, May 29, 2023

STILL on Duty

In the distance, I watch as a soldier walks from headstone to headstone, placing Old Glory upon gravesites scattered around a massive cemetery.

A man in full fatigues out in

a field of ivory crosses.
He fully knows the gravity
and weight of all their losses!
He places Stars and Stripes on every
stone he comes upon,
knowing that, each time he stops,
a family member gone.

How many miles has he walked?
How many pounds of flags?
Yet, his pace, it is intent,
his posture never sags!
What kind of battles has HE seen?
The countries he's been through...
For he's seen more with his own eyes
than most lives EVER do!
And he knows every reason ivory
crosses firmly stand,
as he has witnessed his share of
what happens "In Command."

Who is this one in battle dress?
Who lies beneath each stone?
They are in that place so you and I
have many freedoms known!
The signed up for the greatest 
country in the world.
They served and fought so, every day,
OUR flag may be unfurled!

So, fold your hands, say a prayer,
and, maybe, raise a glass
for those who died defending us--
they are a greater class!
More than 'recruited' or 'enlisted,'
more than 'drafted,' they,
they are a very special breed
not happening each day!

Celebrate them.  Commemorate them.  Memorialize them one and all--all of them who went 'wherever' in service to America's call!  Too many of them do not return for us to give them proper recognition!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

More Than a Memory!

Army.  Navy.  Air Force.  Marines.  Reserves.  WAC.  National Guard.  Coast Guard.  Aerospace.  (Please forgive me if I left some out.)  Whatever the service, someone in that field gave their life...FOR US!  Each of us owe them a debt that can NEVER be repaid!

It was my turn to stop and serve

the country that I love.
You stepped in and took my place,
not knowing what all of!
Your duty and your honor stood
as fearlessly you fought!
You endured the hell of war
and all that 'service' brought!

We have a life because you gave
your own in place of ours!
You demonstrated bravery
beyond mere 'human' powers!
And now, we see your crosses as
we slowly walk along.
Emotions well so deep as we
hear patriotic song!

THANK YOU, each and every one
for which these words were made!
Please know your lives were not in vain,
and we SHALL NOT evade
the time set in memorial
of the life you gave
to defend your countrymen!
YOU--the proud, the brave!

Whatever branch--it matters not!
Our respect and gratitude, you've got!
If you received not any HERE,
forgive us, please.  You earned it clear!
And when we meet again, SALUTE!
From this man and the resolute
so grateful yet that YOU would serve
this greatest nation, without swerve!

So many gone before us.  Too numerous to count, but NOT to be taken for granted!  Whatever branch, whatever rank, whatever term of service, YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND WE ARE GRATEFUL THAT YOU GAVE ALL!!

Friday, May 26, 2023

Coffee with Closest Friends

Aahhh....the smell of coffee first thing in the morning!  I pour a cup and join my wife and Jesus on the deck and look out across the landscape...

Sunlight glimmers on the leaves

that fill the vision-wide!
We savor coffee with The Lord
in the morningtide.
We talk about the things that are
and that which is to come--
that which happens varies much,
yet victory be the sum!

The shadows, they are long today
as birds play here and there.
And things will happen to us all,
of which we do not care!
BUT GOD will be with us through all
with His great protection,
showing us His many blessings
in but every section!
Like the shimmer of the rising
sun upon the leaves,
and the singing birds on branches
and upon the eaves!
The beauty of simplicity,
updated constantly
by the God Who has the greatest
love for such as we!

The sunlight and the wildlife-
so appreciated
by the ones that take the time
to see what He's created!
His touch--for it is everywhere
and anywhere at all
to those who call Him 'Lord and Friend,'
and answer to His call!

God's goodness, grace and generosity are abounding each direction we turn...IF we pay attention to it!  Do so, my friend.  You will be all the better for it!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Imagining...FOR NOW!

After a day of taking care of people, solving problems and serving others, I come home to just a little slice of Heaven.  That gets my heart going again and I MUST find a pen and paper...

Imagining the splendor of

where He is taking us.
There will be no complaining there,
there be no cause to fuss!
There will be Perfection as
The Lord will oversee,
and not a thing at all of 'norm'
will come to such as we!

O see it with me, brother man,
that Paradise ahead
into which, the Born-Again,
someday, shall we be led
on the heels of Him Who comes
and splits the skies above,
Him Who gives His life for us
and gives us perfect love!

Soon and very soon, we'll be
no more 'imagining!'
We'll walk with Christ and talk with Him
and hear the angels sing!
Everything is perfect there,
no suffering at all,
no trial or tribulation be,
just celebrating His Call!

'Jesus, Jesus!  Come ye quickly!
The glory and the wonder there,
in person, we would know!
And long, so longing is the heart
to look into Your face!
Partaking of all that's availed
due Your amazing grace!!'

The longer we live, the more desirous Heaven and Its Creator become!!!  Won't it be wonderful, my friend?!  No more tragedies or challenges, just living in the Presence of Jesus Christ our Savior and savoring what He has for us!  NO MORE 'IMAGINING!!'

Memories on the River

A few days off from work.  A day away from all chores.  AND VICKI'S HOME!  Hmmm...what should we do?  I know exactly where to go!

In a place of silence, save

the whisper of the breeze.
The surface of the river lined
with oh so many trees!
While the girls are catching fish,
I am catching rays;
and, with a pen, catching letters
equaling a 'phrase!'

Th open sky...a streak of clouds...
the sun so high behind...
and the silence--wonderful,
producing peace-of-mind!
God made this place of majesty
to heal and entertain,
and gives us breaks from days that are
just 'average' and 'plain!'
And days that are so 'challenging'
and 'complicated' so.
Whatever be the days that are,
it is so good to know
that God--He has a plan and place
for everyone at all!
And He sees to all our footing so
that none of us will fall!
Even in this place--so perfect,
He has made by hand:
a place of peace and solace that
not many understand!

In a place of silence,
(save the heron gliding by!)
A time so necessary for them
that would even try!
Make moments such as these, my friend,
but every time we can!
They are a staple in the order
of God's Perfect Plan!

I caught many words today.  The girls caught about 30 trout and perch!  (Yes, Game and Fish, we threw them back!)  But it was so much fun!  Though we had shirts on and there were high clouds, we still got burnt!!  Ah, but it was a day we'll never forget!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Something's 'Fishy!'

Ah...finally.  All things that had to be taken care of this morning are behind us.  And now, we have that Most Valuable Time to send with God and one another doing that which He provides.  On THIS day, that 'Time' includes FISHING!!

The sun is bright and brilliant,
(somewhere behind the cloud!)
The glory of the day, however,
NOTHING will enshroud!
Already are the chores accomplished,
(all that HAD to be,)
and now, to spend more time with Him
Who died for such as we!

Time with Jesus, this day, shall
be spent with hook and line!
Down at the shoals, the current is,
right now, so mighty fine!
Perfect for a trout or three,
(whatever be our limit,)
for that cloud the sun's hiding behind,
not all the day, shall dim it!
Soon and very soon, that cloud,
it will be passing by,
and the summer sun will be
so high up in the sky!
So, I best hurry up if I'll
be fishing in the shade.
Either way, I know today,
some memories will be made!
Vicki's in town for a few days--
that means FISHING TIME!
For she makes sure her mom and I
relax with moments prime!

And Jesus, He will be there too,
cheering us each on!
He has fun, too, with all of us, 
wherever we have gone!
For He provides environs rich
with meaning, fun and love!
So blessed we are that we belong
unto Great God above!

Yes, God Most High is so loving that He allots time for such as this...IF you are paying attention and following His lead!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Those Priceless Opportunities!

In the busiest of lives, God Most High provides opportunities to call His Name and breeeeeathe!  Do not miss those priceless opportunities!

So vibrant are the sights and sounds
of the wondrous Spring!
So very fresh--the melody
of those upon the wing!
They sing about the sunshine and
new life upon the limbs!
It would so benefit ALL mankind
to join them in their hymns!
Just set aside the 'busyness'
if only for an hour;
join nature in its celebration
and so restore your power!!
That which is so necessary
will be there when you return.
Enjoying necessary breaks
is something we must learn!
Yea, vibrant and astounding is
this life that we are in!
Oh, do not complicate it!  Turn
your back on blatant sin!!
For God, He has the steps ordained
for each and every man.
Al we must do is say 'YES!' to
His all-important Plan!
Then, each day will be glorious,
regardless what it contains--
as you will be connected to
The One Who holds the reins!

Daily life is complicated enough!   Do not make it more so by 'going it alone!'  God has availed Himself to any and all who call upon His Holy Name!  Do so, won't you?  It will be a much easier ride!!

Before the Bustle!

Slooooooow.  Enjoy it!  Day is just beginning, and it WILL NOT be slow for very long in the day and age that we are in!!

Behold the sun!  Morn on the rise-

so glorious and grand!
God has given one more day
unto us from His hand!
Squander not this precious gift, my friend,
oh, make the very most
doing that which glorifies 
and edifies our Host!

Do so by being faithful unto
that which you've been called!
In that which profits nothing, oh,
but be ye NOT enthralled!
But find a way to further HIS cause!
Praise and magnify!
Find SOMEONE who needs lifting up,
and ye so edify!
The workplace or the marketplace
are rife with ones in need,
even find a stranger--share
God's love, His will to heed!!
And the simple act of 'listening'
to what one has to say,
so glorifies Your God on High
and edifies THEIR day!

It is not complicated,
superficial or complex.
Infusing His love into life
the Spirit so expects!
Great is your reward to be,
and better be their day
if you become a 'conduit,'
and let God have His way!

Every one of us is busy.  Each and all of us will come in contact with others in some way somewhere throughout the day.  Why not let His glorious Love shine through us as we go?

Sunday, May 21, 2023


Even before Jesus came to earth, He knew what was in store for Him.  Yet, faithful to His Father, He came!  Let US, therefore, be faithful to obey His lead and give to Him our best!  However, Jesus has no importance in the lives of so many!  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!

No ulterior motive has He,
save to love us wholly!
Jesus, Jesus, Son of God-
'There is no God "behind the back"
of Jesus Christ, the Lord!
Everything our Father is
we see in Christ, the Lord!
All authority has He from
the Father of all light!
Belonging to Him, through the Blood,
is a wonderful delight!
He came to earth, fulfilling ALL
The Scripture does contain!
Justice, power, authority,
mercy and comfort reign!
His ascension demonstrates
to us His heart and soul...
Oh lift up your heart and hands to Him,
relinquish all control!
For He is King!  But not as THIS world
would define 'kingship.'
Once you belong to Him, you will
not ever leave His grip!
For He will guard and guide you through
this life into the next.
For some, that is a mystery,
and may have you perplexed!
But trust Him fully, oh, my friend!
He'll NEVER let you down!
And share with all His wondrous love,
The One Who wears The Crown!

Yes, He knew fully what was awaiting Him.  It was ordered before was time itself.  Yet, willingly, He came.  He lived, He served, He suffered and He died.  Then He rose again on the third day!  After that HE ASCENDED to the right hand of The Father, and He continues to direct the paths of ALL that ask Him to be their Savior!  Won't YOU be one of them?

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Now and Then!

We have the blessed assurance of His Salvation NOW, but THEN we shall take up residence with Him in That Perfect Place!  Press on, my friend!  It could happen at any moment....

He came to earth on His Own terms,

knowing all that would be.
He knew of the abuse awaiting,
yet freely came, did He!
The power and the politics
that HE KNEW were awaiting-
He faced and He defeated them,
therefore, we're celebrating!
And JESUS we shall celebrate
throughout eternity--
when this life is no longer has
a hold on such as we!
When labors and divisions cease
we'll be in That Great Place--
dancing on the streets of gold
and looking in His face!

Nonetheless, He freely comes
that we could know salvation!
Thus weekly, daily, constantly
He is worth celebration!
All that we need, all we could want,
it is availed in Christ!
For even before time itself
He was sacrificed!

'Oh thank You, Great and Mighty God
for sending Your Own Son!
We pray for mercy, grace and peace.
You tell us 'IT IS DONE!'
Paid in full by Jesus Christ,
Your One Begotten Son!
You saw EVERY scenario
and chose The Perfect One!'

Jesus Christ.  THE Answer to all that this life holds, the Finisher of our faith, and The King Who shall reign forevermore!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!


Can 'fairness' be found in THIS life?  Sometimes.  But most times, 'life' will do its best to have its way with you!  Remember, though, Whose you are and that, when THIS life is over, He will more than make up for it!  Yes, Heaven is waiting for all that name His Son as Savior!

This life--it is not fair at all!

God did not promise such.
He vowed, though, that He would be here
and not remove His touch!
No matter what the day may hold,
He holds us in His hand,
and gives us all we ever need
to very firmly stand!

Situations of all kind--
Be they they pain...
be they downright scary!
God CANNOT be manipulated,
He does not fluctuate,
His ways are far above our own;

This life, it is not fair at all.
But set your sights much higher!
God--He has the best for you
and He is NOT a liar!
You have a choice: you can succumb
to what life throws at you,
or you can use it for His glory,
and each day will be anew!

This life may not be fair.
And no one else may care!
He'll see that you arrive,
through all you may go through,
in Paradise anew!!
It waits ahead for all
who stand fast in The Call!
Expect not all be fair,
but KNOW God's always there!!

This life is not fair.  If you have lived any time at all, you have probably discovered that by now!  BUT GOD!  But God has promised recompense to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!  Don't let ANYTHING prevent you from doing THAT!

Friday, May 19, 2023

Spirit Sharing Vision

Just another, average day.  Taking time to step out and look out across His Creation.  Then, Holy Spirit catches my heart and gives me a vision of what is in store...

Above the trees, so green and lush,
the rolling hills go on, so plush!
As jays and sparrows brightly sing,
I see the coming of The King!!
He splits the skies for all to see
behind resounding revelry!
The glory and the majesty
availed for every eye to see--
a thing that's not been seen before,
(but some shall see forevermore!!)

For That Day, it's coming very soon!
With God Most High will we commune
in a Place called 'Paradise--'
so perfect, wonderful and nice!
All trials and all pain we see
will be erased from memory!
New memories will then commence,
as we walk with Him--our Recompense!

For His shed blood has made this to be
eternity for such as we!
We, who are The Born Again
when Jesus called and took us in!
Life, and life abundant so-
so different then, the world we know!
And, even now, a taste of such
to be each day--divine, His touch!
And each day until the Trumpet Blast-
'COME QUICKLY!' does the soul cry out,
so, with Him, we can roam about!!

Oh, my brother, won't it be wonderful There?!  Eternity, in Paradise, with Jesus Christ and all of our loved ones gone on before us...FOREVERMORE!!


Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Just by a few days, however.  I DID have this written in time, I just forgot where I put it and wrote something else on Sunday.  The truths contained herein, however, will NEVER be dated or expire, nor will my love for her!


who takes care of me so!
For 42 years, she's made sure
the best of me would show.
Apart from me, this man struggles with
the simplest of things,
but, at my side, success I know,
and victory she brings!

The mother of my children--both 
of whom, so well, succeed!
Now, they have occupations seeing
unto others' needs!
A mother unto other's, so
their folks could hold a job...
all the while, making sure,
our own lives, she didn't rob!

'Yes, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, my love!
You are a gift from God!
You go on loving THIS man, though
he be so greatly flawed!
He's blessed us, oh these many years,
and He continues to!

Yes, I am so very blessed to have Debby Busby as my wife, going on 42 years now!  WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?!  There is not a thing wrong with her!  She is beautiful.  She is wonderful.  Truly, she is a gift from God.  Some people can't handle that.  That's fine with me!  I will continue to love her until I am no longer alive!

Monday, May 15, 2023

Don't Mess with God's Order!

God set the sun in the sky for us to work by.  He made the moon and stars for us to be amazed at while the sun is gone.  Man, however, has made it so that it can be 'light' at all times!  Does that REALLY cause more 'production?

Night time in the Big City,

but darkness hard to find!
Some folk go to the greatest length
extending 'daily grind!'
'The Mighty Dollar' to some folk,
it be too great a cause,
and 'greener gazing,' be
embezzling that needed pause!

So busy is this 'city life,'
and it seems to never cease!
Have they not learned the benefits
of stopping to have peace?
The healing of 'just sitting back'
and putting all aside?
God so intended such to be
when it gets dark outside!
Instead of ceasing all to watch
the stars come slowly out,
we're already focused on what
tomorrow is about!!
Instead of enjoying families
and time with whom we're blessed,
we try to figure out how we can
make tomorrow best!!

The day's not even over, friend!
Enjoy the here and now!
And God will make tomorrow come
as only He knows how!
Don't waste another moment planning
all that you can do
to affect your life and those,
the ones so close to you!!

I promise you, they would rather have your full attention WHEN YOU ARE WITH THEM instead of doing as much as you can as fast as you can NOW!  For when it comes time to be with them, you will be too tired to enjoy them!

Friday, May 12, 2023

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, HALLELUJAH!

There is ONE thing that you must accomplish in this life to establish Your place in eternal Paradise!  And That One thing will certainly help and guide you through your each and everyday in THIS place, as well!  DO YOU KNOW HIM YET?

He came through circumstances rare

into a world that didn't care....
so few to know and celebrate
His blest arrival on That Date,
Those expecting welcomed Him,
(though chances were so very slim
for Him to even be at all!)
BUT GOD, He knew, in full, His Call,
He broke traditions long held fast!
He went beyond established caste
that held onto for centuries,
fulfilled He fully and then frees!
He conquered death, Hell and the grave.
He rose again, the soul to save!
The blood He shed, it fully heals,
and, every curse, His love repeals!
'Tradition,' 'ritual,' and 'CURSE!'
The Name of JESUS does reverse!
The captive finds true liberty
by being born-again, set free!
And, at the Trumpet Blast ahead,
into the Promised Land we're led
by Him Who's coming in the clouds!
No thing at all, said flight, enshrouds!

Oh, be with me in that number that sings unto him throughout all eternity!  All it takes is asking Him to be Your Savior and repenting from your sins.  God has taken care of everything else!


Father God did not just 'save us' and drop us off somewhere to finish on our own!  NO!  He accompanies us CONSTANTLY as we press on toward That Crown!  NEVER FOGET THAT!

Empowering us, who we are,

(but anyone at all,)
God the Father gives such tools
to ANY that would call!
He knows the heart, therefore He knows
exactly what each needs;
and His supply--it ends not for
the one that, His Call, heeds!
No matter who you are, regardless 
where you may reside,
He sees and knows your heart and the
intent that be inside!
"GUARD YOUR HEART..." His Word declares,
from this world and its ways,
and God will so empower YOU
here in the latter days!

Yes, many are the 'powers' so
competing for our time!
I MUST commune with Him each day
that, higher, I may climb!
For God would have us 'elevated'
in the days that are!
All the while, 'reachable'
and not too very far!

The day will come when we reside
with Him in Paradise!
'Perfect' living will be then,
so wonderful and nice!
Until then, we are of His use,
partaking of His power,
doing all He leads us to
until that final hour!

Yes, my friend, the day will come when there will no longer be struggles or strife!  Everything will be perfect then, and we will walk with Him, hand-in-hand, for all eternity!  Press on until then, my friend, and never lose hope!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Are you doing your BEST?

That is a question that only YOUR heart has the answer for!  I know quite a few rich people who are miserable...regardless how much they have!  On the other hand, I know some who live from paycheck-to-paycheck, and they are some of the happiest folks on earth?!  GO FIGURE!!

Why can't we care for one another

without the 'politics?'
The simplest of gestures seem
to run into all kinds of 'hics!'
I must read 15 pages before
seeing a physician!
And calling on a 'friend' to help
seems an 'imposition.'

I know that each of us are busy
with all kinds of things.
Our hours, they are stuffed with all
that 'living' this life brings!
And God forbid the phone should ring
with one who needs just 'talk!'
We make excuse and, at the
chance to minister, we balk!!

For God has set us each aside
with a specific use.
but if we ignore the Spirit's lead
He may just cut us loose!
And those so gifted that He's placed
in hospitals for us-
if they become 'an assembly line'
what good be THAT truss?!

I have a calling.  I am gifted.
But if you succumb to 'putting time in,'
then you have lost your view!
Please, do that which you are trained to do,
That way, so very may people
will be greatly blessed!!

You are here for a purpose, not a paycheck.  You are trained and hired to get a job done, not to get rich!  Sure, if you do what you're SUPPOSED TO DO, you MIGHT get rich!  But I promise you, even if you do not get wealthy in THIS life, give your very best for folks and do it as good as you can, and great riches await you in Heaven above!

Monday, May 8, 2023

YOU are necessary!

So many different folks cross our paths each day.  Each and every one of them be different.  There is one constant, however, GOD LOVES THEM ALL!  We have no idea who is bearing what cross unless they share it with us.  When that precious moment comes, will YOU know what to say?

A myriad of situations
face us--everyone!
There is joy that is so deep within
providing by just One!
It's put there to overshadow
situations all,
but there are some who cannot find it-
therein lies our call!
For some of us can help direct them
to that joy within,
as we can relate so very well
unto through what they've been!
If that is you, my friend, know this:
And you can help them navigate
to where they need to go!
For God's placed you strategically
because you are of use
to Him for them that hurt so much
from despair or abuse.

So be ye e'er available
wherever you may go.
Follow His lead every day
as, all things, does He know!
And He will lead you to that person
with that pressing need.
You may not have all they require,
BUT, you can intercede!
Just remember, Jesus loves them all,
Each and all of them be different,
BUT GOD can get them freed!

Continue doing what you do to the best of your ability, and allow God to do what He does THROUGH you!  You will be amazed at the results...which may not be known until the Trumpet Blast, but press on!


Sunday, May 7, 2023

His Investment

"Blessed be the faithful.  For they shall be greatly rewarded!"  This promise we must keep in mind as we press on daily, little-by-little, ever forward!

"You didn't bring us this far, Lord,
to leave us all alone.
You have invested so much in us
to have us tossed and thrown!
We KNOW You have a plan for us,
for each and every one!
We know, without a doubt, Your
sovereign will, IT WILL BE DONE!

No matter what is going on
or circumstances nigh,
in You, we are above it all,
so lofty and so high!
Your plans are far above our own-
we cannot fathom such!
But God, we revel in Your care
and ever-present touch!

We made it due our care alone,
Your Presence and Your love;
and we shall make it to That Day
You call us from above!
There, to revel in the 
Paradise You have created!
You take us as far as we can,
and then YOU'RE celebrated!

'OH BLOW THAT TRUMPET' cries the heart!
We long, so long, Lord, to depart
and be in Glory Land with You,
where EVERYTHING shall be made new!!"

How much longer?  God the Father only knows that!  Then He shall give Gabriel the command that shall be heard throughout all creation!  Oh, what a glorious Day that will be!!


Saturday, May 6, 2023


Years ago, my wife and I ran a care home.  It contained 4-6 wonderful people who were full of incredible, amazing stories!  Sure, they each had their own personality, their own 'problems,' and some were better than others.  But they were all loveable!  The tragedy that I witnessed was that, of the six of them, four had family within an hour, but only a few of those family members would come and see their loved ones!!  AND TWO ONLY CAME ON HOLIDAYS!!  THAT'S A CRIME!!

"When I no longer know you and 
the years of what we've done,
will you just place me in a 'place'
to be cared for by 'someone?'
When I no longer have a use
in the life you live,
into the hands of complete strangers,
my life, will you give?
If I meet not your expectations,
will I be sent away
so you can live the way you want
at any time of day?
There, I'll be seen on holidays,
(if I am seen at all!)
and you can go on with your living,
not obliged at all!

What happened to the days when 
families cared for families,
and took care of them until when
they could not, life, attend?
Loving them, caring for them,
and forgetting not?
In THESE days, just how many 
families, such, have got?

In these days, life's so wonderful!!
But is it for the best?
Upon the heart, what's been said cost?
Have YOU done all you can, my friend,
to protect your elder man?
Oh, search your heart, but deeply so!
Have great treasuries, you sure can!!"

That resident you pass by each day.

Unfortunately, in the day and age we are in, someone reaches a certain age or gets a certain 'condition' and we just 'find a place to put them and make them comfortable!'  (So we think!!)  There has got to be a better way!


Friday, May 5, 2023

Laughter Benefits!

There are some 'heavy things' going on in this world, and even in the lives of those so close to us!  Solomon wrote of it waaaay back in The Word.  However, he also told us to try and not let IT weigh us down!

The wisest wrote 'What good is laughter?'

way back in The Pages.
He said that such was 'futile in
a life and world that rages!'
He went on, listing joys and pleasures
we so know and love,
pondering what good they were
and, just what use, they're of!

But 'laughter,' it is healing to
the body and the soul,
and it is NECESSARY for
a person to be whole!
It cleanses the emotions that
get pent-up over time,
and it's the stairway for the heart,
out of the pit, to climb!

Laughter may be 'futile' in
the lives of other men,
but it's a staple in MY life,
(through all that it has been!)
The world (and situations) may
have naught to laugh about,
but it releases stress and frees me-
of THIS I have no doubt!

So, find something in life that you
can laugh about each day!
Regardless of the seriousness
that has come your way.
Release it to Almighty God,
for He can handle such!
Then you will be enabled to
obtain that lighter touch!

I know, I know, there is A LOT going on in this life that is happening that is of no laughing matter!  However, if that is ALL that you focus on, you will be most miserable, and it will even affect your physical health!  NOBODY WANTS THAT!  Find joy and humor in something each and every day!  You will be all the better for it!

Thursday, May 4, 2023


KINDNESS.  No, no, no, not just 'being nice!'  Bing 'kind' requires going 'the extra mile...," doing the 'unexpected' when no one else will...'  It's not a 'contest,' it's not a 'competition,' it is going beyond what 'needs' to be done and doing what is 'wanted!'

Where is 'kindness' in a world FIXED

on 'progress' and 'success?'
These days, we place it by the wayside.
so, our 'selves,' we can bless!!
To keep up with each other, we
must 'pull out all the stops!'
All the while, our 'dignity' and
and our 'empathy' so drops!!

Is this kind of 'progress' really worth
such a bombastic price?!
Is 'being number one' or
'being right' worth sacrifice?!
Why not go back to 'being kind'
to each other, you and I?
For 'progress,' will become a by-product,
if we but only TRY!

Sure, it takes effort, it takes time,
but its fruits are unsurpassed!
And, soon, you'll realize what a bounty
that you have amassed!!
BUT, it takes little effort to be 'kind'
out in a world that's not.
(For Jesus Christ was 'kind' and 'nice,'
and look at what HE got!)
Oh...but look at what awaited Him
when all of it was through!!
The very same--it is awaiting
folks such as me and you!

So be ye kind out in a world
that's seems to be so 'not!'
So great be Your reward from all
the treasuries He's got!!

Yes, be 'kind' to one another.  Do not go out into the world and just be 'nice.'  Anybody can do that!  But be 'kind!'  Regardless of what your friends are doing...regardless of what your Pastor is doing...regardless of 'what everybody else is doing.'  For you do not have to stand before Almighty God and answer for THEM.  God is only going to require from you answers about YOU!  And what will you have to say in That Day?

Monday, May 1, 2023

Deer Antics!

The storm is coming and going.  The rain, however, is barely letting up a all.  However, as I relax here in the back, I am watching a herd of deer across the valley.  They don't seem to mind the weather at all!

As lightning strikes and thunder rolls,
and downpours come in droves,
I rest beneath it all upon
the deck and gather troves.
Troves of words and phrases,
verses that agree--
the sum of such to be a poem
in a treasury!
All to glorify the lone
Creator of it all!
He joins me in the elements,
now rapidly to fall.
We entertain each other with
the things we say and do,
as, every moment with Him, is
so beautiful and new!

One thing surprising are the deer
down there upon the plain!
Normally, they are in hiding
from the storm and rain,
but right now, they are frolicking
like children through it all!
They jump about!  They're butting heads,
though sheets of rain would fall!

God--He entertains us with
the elements once more.
Everything that has life to
refresh and to restore!
Living to rejoice and to
rejuvenate anew,
not just to cause all life to thrive,
but, with abundance, too!

Safe beneath the new roof that we put over the back deck, it is such a joy to look out over His creation and watch the many ways that He CAUSES LIFE!  Even during the intermittent showers, there is so much to behold and enjoy!