Monday, April 3, 2023

Unstable Elements.

That is THE one, true statement we can say about the weather!  Wherever you live, whatever the climate, we are subject to it!  Some places are better than others, but we ALL feel its affects eventually!

The wind is able and has the trees

dancing all around!
Standing outside right now,
so majestic is the sound!
The same, though, is so dangerous,
elsewhere in the state!
I must enjoy it while I can,
lest it should devastate!

So majestic!  So amazing
this moment is to be!
God Most High, He's in control,
but all things, He can see!
He knows the damage that may be.
He knows what He will do.
He knows the victory that will be
when all of this is through!

'Oh great and mighty God, protect us
from the storms that are!
Help us to see what things will be
and not the things that are!
We KNOW You have each step we take
orchestrated so,
regardless of the thunder, rain,
and all the winds that blow!'

The wind is able.  This, we know.
BUT GOD is greater far!
O, cling to Him so greatly and
not what 'conditions' are!
The storm will come and run its course,
comforting, repairing!  His
Great Love to, freely, share!

Whoever you are, wherever you live, each of us are subject to the elements.  There is only one thing certain about them: GOD IS NECESSARY TO ENDURE THEM!  Regardless what they do, He is STABILITY and will help us to recover!

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