Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Thinking Back

A few days have passed.  Is YOUR life any different?  Knowing that Jesus Christ is alive again and working at the Father's right?  I certainly pray that YOU realize the TRUE meaning of Resurrection Day!!

Silent is the morning in
the middle of the week.
Reflecting on the week that was-
their outlook was so bleak!
Just days ago, He rode to town
through all the cheering masses!
And what He went through since that day,
our fortitude, surpasses!

The mock proceedings of The Counsel-
the illegal trial...
the insults and reviling, the
betrayal and denial...
the torture from His captives He
endured inside the jail...
how many's love waxed cold by then-
their own affections fail...
the whipping and the scouring
no mere mortal could withstand...
the driving of the spikes into
each foot and through each hand...

This we know due His great Word!
The victory o'er death, hell and the grave
has certainly occurred!

We are grateful for these Truths and all
our Jesus Lord went through!
Let us be careful to forget not
THIS in ALL we do!!

Yes, Resurrection Day may be a few days behind us, BUT JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN!  He is alive and active in all of creation, especially in the hearts and lives of those who invite Him in!  I certainly pray that YOU are one of them!  For His Presence makes all the difference in this life and the next!

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