Saturday, April 22, 2023

The 'Start'

Early?  Late?  it matters not, when I set all else aside and start the day with God.  And He ALWAYS provides a wonderful atmosphere in which to fellowship with Him!

The orioles are singing to me 

in the morning sun.
Their song, it is abundant beauty-
Saturday has begun!
But it shall go no further until
coffee is enjoyed,
and conversation with God happens
with His Word employed!

After conversing with Him, I must
bow my head to pray.
To make it through the days that are,
He is the ONLY Way!
For so much, it is happening
but all around the globe
that's needing of a touch from God-
to take away the evils that
but everywhere abound,
and communing with God is THE only
Way to make life 'sound!'

Thus, as the morning orchestrates
with those upon the wing,
I pray and I receive instruction
from The Risen King!
Too, receive I power to
face all that comes my way!
So much receive I from The King
as I bow and pray!
And He receives my adoration,
praises and my love-
He receives it in this place
and hears it from above
from this man and from the makings
of His mighty hand
that ever-so abound about
this ever-fruitful land!

The Creator and His creations.  I am so blessed to be able to spend time with and in them each and every day!  And it is so necessary and rewarding!

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