Friday, April 14, 2023

The Spectacle and Gift

The Gift of Life.  Whomever you are, whatever your status, LIFE IS A GIFT!  Be grateful for it always!  For no man knows when it will come to an end!  For some, it comes all too abruptly and violently!

Life--in all its spectacle,

its wonder and its woe,
is fully known to God Most High
wherever it may go!
We do the best we can, we do,
moving forward ever.
And God, He will see to it that,
His supply, does not sever!

Situations--they will happen
we do not count on.
But, through it all, His cloak of
victory we each may don!
He knows the end from the beginning
and all in-between...
He knows all we are going through,
and HIS success be seen!

This I can truly prophesy
because I know Him well!
For lo, these many years, His grace
and mercy I can tell!
For God has NEVER failed this man,
even before I knew
that He sent Jesus as my Savior
before time itself man knew!

Yes, Life--it is a spectacle!
Oh, but not like That Beyond!
That Life that He's prepared for all
that, of Him, are so fond!
Situations rise and fall,
but constant God remains!
And them that have Him in their hearts,
securely, He retains!!

Yes, this earthly life has its daily ups-and-downs, but them that belong to God Himself are more able to weather such tide!  Know Him as Your God and Savior today, won't you?

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