Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Hidden Suffering

"There's that man again that always has a smile and a kind word.  He NEVER has a bad day!"  Hmm...that's what YOU think!!  I know where to go when such is contrary...

When pain and stress attempt to
overcome and take command...
when 'physical affects' do things
I cannot understand,
I call on Jesus Christ--He reaches
out and takes my hand;
His perfect peace to flood my soul,
His Blood restores this man!

Not each day HERE is 'paradise'
as 'mortal' would define!
Often, when you see this man,
I'm straddling that line;
that line that only them that suffer
oh so clearly know!
It's Christ alone enabling
this man to, onward, go!
My family so clearly knows
these days without a doubt!
The 'public' only knows that jolly
man they talk about!
They know that man to whom they take
their prayer requests and needs...
they know 'that man' so 'popular'
on which their joy so feeds!
BUT GOD, He knows the pain and stress
so very few can see!
And He's The One at my side now,
tending to my needs.
Repairing and restoring me
to be that useful tool
that He uses for to minister
out in a world, so cruel!

Yes, when stress may take command,
my God does fully understand!
And He puts 'suffering' in its place!
Oh, how great: AMAZING GRACE!

Putting on a front?  Not really.  Those of us who deal with pain on a daily basis have learned that God Most High suffices in ALL situations.  Even those pains that hide behind kind smiles and beautiful words!


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