Monday, April 24, 2023

So Many Rewards Await!

Day after day, each of us go through situations that NO ONE warned us about!  Even those in Biblical times had their challenges, but they seem to be multiplied in the days we live.  However, NEVER GIVE UP...

Oh, but this I know with all my heart

and confidence assured:
Jesus Christ will recompense us
for what we've endured!
Be it longer presence here
getting His Work done,
or, be it, at last in the very
Presence of The Son!
Either way, we win, you know,
as long as we belong
to the Blood-bought, born-again
ever-growing throng!
For we are not fit for 'sidelines' in
these times or in these days,
we are commissioned to go forth
and demonstrate HIS ways!

Already are there multitudes
out with 'agendas' sharing.
Should WE not be with His Truth
so they may be comparing?
For there is only ONE WAY that
will last eternally!
Oh, let US be the ones who
demonstrate what THAT WAY be!
Whether we are taken by
what we say unto men,
or taken when the Trumpet blasts-
either way, WE WIN!!

Press on, my brother man, in doing
all that you can do
to assure the love and Life
of Jesus shines in you
in all places, to all races,
at all times of day!
Make sure that you exemplify
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

I am called.  You are called.  Anyone with Jesus Christ as their Savior is called to spread the Gospel wherever and whenever we go!  Take that calling not lightly, my brother!  For EACH OF US must give account One Day to Him Who saves our soul!

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