Monday, April 17, 2023

'Seasoned' Saints!

Life.  It gets too busy so often!  IF WE LET IT!  Oft times, we have no choice.  Most times, however, we DO have a choice of how busy we want to be.
In those times of 'busyness,' too many things get overlooked!  Too often, however, that includes precious people about our lives!  

So busy be the businesses
but each way that we turn!
Regardless of establishment,
we have so much to learn!
The clientele--they are the lifeline
causing us to gain!
What happens, though, when 'customers'
are thought of as a 'pain?'

I had a couple come in today.
They were quite 'elderly.'
I noticed how some other clerks
referred them unto me!
After I took care of them, 
I stood back to reflect:
"Why have we lost the corner-stone
of 'mutual respect?'"
Why is it that, with certain 'ages,'
so few associate?
You've naught to fear and much to gain
from them with age so great!!
For 'seasoned folks,' they are the
corner-stone of how we live!
Therefore, the utmost honor and
respect have we to give!!

Yeah, fear NOT the 'seniors' in your life!
Enjoy them every day!
Everywhere you go be one
with oh so much to say!
Desiring the fellowship
of ANYONE who cares!
DO SO!  We may be entertaining
angels unawares!

Too often, in too many places, in too many lives, someone turns a certain age and we just put them into a nursing home and forget about them!  GOD FORGIVE US!!  Unless WE are physically unable to care for them, WE should be the ones caring for them and seeing to their comforts!  After all, the freedoms and privileges we enjoy every day were paid for by THEIR hard work!

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