Wednesday, April 5, 2023


Going about the day.  Doing what must be done.  Even doing that which is asked of us.  But what do our TRUE feelings reflect when we are asked to help or see folks in OTHER situations?  Or does that REALLY matter?

Does it matter what we say

or how we treat each other?
The day, it may be over, but
tomorrow is another!
All that we do and say, it is
kept track of and recalled.
And we shall give account of it
when, to His Throne, we're called!
But even before THAT happens, in
our living day-to-day,
our words and actions have effect
on living in some way!
Some of those ways are positive
and cause us to advance...
some of those ways are negative
and lead to 'circumstance!'

Let us be careful, one and all,
in dealing with each other.
Who knows?  That which we do and say
may lead them to be 'brother!'
Yes, Jesus Christ Himself, He is
concerned in ALL we do!
And it is our actions that
will lead to faith anew!

For God is Holy, God is righteous
and, if we are His Own,
He EXPECTS all righteousness,
in our works, to be known!
The other party may care less
about 'integrity.'
BUT GOD requires the very best
to come from such as we!

YES!  Our words and actions not only matter, they have this life and the next!  Check your spirit every time you react...speak...write or even think something!  GOD IS AWARE!  And He expects His children to be a reflection of Him!

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