Thursday, April 6, 2023

Painful Pain!

Painful Pain.  That may sound funny, but there is nothing humorous about it to those who go through it day after day.  And, trust me, they are closer than you think!

I heard that you were hurting.
There're so many types of pain!
Some are quite detrimental,
while some be to our gain.
But that which you are going through
must not be done alone!
Please know that we are here for you,
and, unto God, it's known!

It feels like no one cares about
the pain that you are in.
Nothing's further from the truth!
For all of us have been
where you are right now.  HOWEVER,
that stops not your pain.
WE CARE!  We're here to listen so
that help you might obtain.

I heard that you are hurting.
Please, do not retreat from us
and take this on your own!
You are loved!  You are special!
And there are folks who care!
Please share the way you feel with us
so that we are aware!
There may not be much we can do,
but we can stay in touch;
and we can lift you up to God!
His touch--it can do much!
For His Son Jesus suffered ALL
so He would know our pain!
Reach out, my friend, so that, your healing,
you may soon obtain!

Yes, there ARE people who care, people who WANT to help!  But you must be able to open up about what you are going through so that we can.  Yes, God is fully aware, but it helps to know that others are aware and are praying for you.

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