Saturday, April 15, 2023

Listen! That Sound!!

Listen!  Can you hear that sound?  It is the sound of Jesus Christ approaching!  Are YOU ready?  YOU CAN BE!  Just confess your sins unto Him and ask Him to be your Savior.  It will change your whole life AND future!!

The King and His Court now approach,
I hear Them yet afar.
The Trumpet sounds and oh so many
celebrations are!
People come together like
the world has never seen,
preparing for The Rapture and
the glimpse of Heaven-scene!

Jesus Christ--the King of kings,
He rides a mighty wind!
The end of THIS life, as we know it,
surely does impend!
He brings upon His wings a much
more excellent of Way
that, we who know Him as our Savior,
we shall live for aye!

Perfection does He bring with Him
we cannot comprehend!
It is a life in Paradise
that shall not ever end!!
No more more sorrow...
no sickness or any pain-
all of this, at His return,
the Born-again shall obtain!

YES!!  The King, He is approaching!
Listen for the Trumpet Blast!
Oh, get your heart right with The Lord!
Be diligent and fast!
No man knows the hour
His return is taking place!
Just be grateful, still available,
is His abundant Grace!!

No man knows the hour.  But why wait, my friend?  Give your heart and soul to Jesus even now and know the incredible benefits of belonging to Him!!  He is NOT merely 'fire insurance' for eternity, He is abundant life for each and every day we go through!


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