Wednesday, April 26, 2023

JOY! JOY! JOY!! spite of situation. spite of physical condition. spite of what is happening around the world.  THAT is the 'joy' that Jesus Christ provides and means for us to live in!

Joy unspeakable, full of glory
may I find each day!
Enough to get me through it all,
and plenty to convey!
It comes from Jesus Christ alone,
His wisdom and His Word...
it comes from Him Who saves the soul
from all that's seen and heard!

'Situations' and 'conditions'
try to misconstrue!
However, we possess a 'joy'
that's everyday anew!
And joy that we can radiate
but everywhere we go,
so that the ones that we encounter-
those folks, too, can know!

Joy unspeakable--it is in
relationship with God!
We do our best throughout the day-
it makes Him to applaud!
He knows the ups-and-downs of life,
and the stress it brings!
But when we focus on His joy,
our very spirit sings!!

It's all in Jesus Christ and His
great love for such as we!
A greater source of joy, there will
not ever, ever be!
O seek Him for yourself and know
that Everlasting Joy!
He will give you priceless tools
to constantly employ!!

That joy, oh that joy!  It is availed through Jesus Christ alone!  A joy that no 'thing' of this world can affect!  His love provides such at all times in all situations!  TRUST!


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