Sunday, April 30, 2023

In Constant Service!

Yes, that is the requirement of being a 'Christian!'  It's not a matter of 'When I get a chance...' or 'When I feel like it...,' it is a way of life!  In doing so, The Lord Himself will accompany us and lead us where His Spirit goes!

In service to my God and King
but all throughout the day.
So many, the scenarios, 
that rise and come our way!
In each and every one be some
that hurt and need His touch...
in others, there be evil and
intent to damage much!

God told us, in the latter days,
that such as this would be:
loved ones hurting loved ones without
regard for sympathy!
'Friends' ignoring friends out of
reasons 'whatsoever--'
the guises of the enemy
becoming yet more clever!

In service to my Gd and King-
in service unto ALL!
Having Christ inside the heart
and backing every call!
We MUST avail ourselves each day,
(and go far and above,)
to radiate His mercy and
so demonstrate His love! 

Be saved and avail yourselves, brothers and sisters!  You never know where He will take you, however, you will have the tools and know what to do when you get there!  TRUST HIM!

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