Friday, April 21, 2023


We live in a world that is imperfect and out of balance.  Excuse me, we live in a perfect world filled with people who are imperfect and out of balance!  We see it every day.  It happens to us every day.  BUT GOD has a Perfect Place awaiting us where we shall suffer no longer FOREVER!

Tragedies occur...

somebody causes pain...
the scale of such to vary...
can ANYBODY gain?!
Only when forgiveness is
applied to situation
can progress, healing, mercy and grace
come into relation!

Senseless and so devastating
be the tragedy!
Even 'unrepentant' may
the other parties be!
But forgiveness--it be for YOURSELF,
lest the opportunity
for liberty be gone!

A tragedy?  A word mis-spoken?
Or outright abuse!
Forgiving not the other party
makes you of little use!
Such does not 'release' them or
excuse in any way!
It frees the hurt ones from the bondage
and takes them from the fray!
For God will deal with those who damage
others in any way,
as they will stand before His Throne
and account on That Great Day!
The hurting, we must do our best
to prosper and press on,
KNOWING sure the 'pains' of this life,
in the next life, will be gone!!

Stress, damage and injury will continue to happen as long as we have breath in us.  Woe to them, however, who cause such abuse or allow it to take place!  The eyes of God see and know all, and He will settle all accounts at the Trumpet Blast!  "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

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