Saturday, April 8, 2023

Holy Week

As we reflect upon all that Jesus endured this week, may we not take it for granted, take it lightly, or outright ignore His Holiness!

Legions were available
and set to His command.
He could have spoken just one word-
all Heaven on demand!
He could have used His Godly powers,
all suffering to prevent,
but Jesus fully knew His mission
and why He was sent!

This week, it was so very painful
throughout history!
But God turned it to become
the best to ever be!
Putting His Son through all things
that we would face in life,
to assure us we could handle
every kind of strife!

That which the enemy afflicted
God knew all about!
Jesus Christ Himself, He knew,
but He did not back out!
He went through all He did because
He knew the victory
that would be made available
so free for such as we!

So take a moment and reflect
upon the week we're in.
Ponder what has taken place
and what could have been!
Be thankful for the Lord's actions
securing liberty
for them that claim Him as their Lord
and all humanity!

Holy Week.  It IS for them that know the fulness of His salvation!  I certainly pray that YOU are one of them, and appreciative of all that Christ has done and continues to do to this day!

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