Tuesday, April 4, 2023

His 'Time' is Above Our 'Time!

In the days in which we live, it is so easy to be 'caught up' in 'ritual!'  That applies to our quiet time with God Most High.  I know some folk who do it first thing in the morning.  What happens if something comes up such as 'life' at that time?  Some move on with 'life' and forget or outright neglect to get back to their time with God!  WHAT A LOSS!

The glory of His Majesty,

the power of His Name,
the wonder of His Presence,
they are all for us to claim!
And they are present as I present 
myself before His feet.
Without this time before day ends
my life is incomplete!
Here, we converse of all that happened
all throughout the day.
We listen to each other in
this time that most call "pray."
BUT, prayer is NOT a monologue
when Christ and I converse!
It is a priceless conversation
that, often, inspires verse!
Greater, though, it is THAT time
that's necessary so!
Regardless of the time of day,
we tarry and we grow!

Not always is the most of time
that's spent with Christ the King
the first thing in the morning!  At times,
HE chooses my offering!
As He already knows what time is best
for this man to receive
and give back to Him in ways
that ALL of us achieve!

Friend of mine, DO NOT get 'caught up' doing the 'same old...same old...' ESPCIALLY WITH GOD!  That's what you 'ritual.'  That's what you call 'putting Him in a box!'  And I guarantee you, He is greater than ANY box YOU attempt to put Him into!

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