Saturday, April 29, 2023

Highway 395

Driving through 'the desert.'  I have too often heard of places like this described as 'God-forsaken!'  Nothing could be further from the truth...

The desertscape the fill the vision-
sights to mesmerize!
Amplified by the April
sun high in the skies!
So verdant be the valley wide,
(though it may, 'desert,' be,)
encircled by the snow-capped mountains-
For God is ever-present in
this very LIVING place!
So very many forms of life
He puts into this space!
Each of them would thrive the way
He made them to, and then
they shine in all their glory for
to entertain all men!
(That is, if man would pay attention
as he's passing by!
There's not a thing so pressing that
such cannot catch your eye!)

So STOP!  Make time to look around
at His amazing touch!
Any type of landscape so
contains His caring much!
From mountain peaks ordained with snow
to coastlines, so alive,
to even that which folks call 'desert'
that so amaze and thrive!

In whatever 'environment' you find yourself, make sure that you are not so busy with what you are doing to ignore The Master's touch all about you!


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